As your business grows, your computing needs will change too. It’s common for established businesses to encounter capacity constraints with on-premises servers as they expand. Others may discover issues with giving an increasingly mobile workforce access to business applications via the internet.

In many cases, one of the first services to be moved off-site is the company website. And until the website begins to generate significant traffic, a low-cost shared hosting package will typically do the job just fine. For other applications you may choose a virtual private server (VPS) which offers better quality of service and more flexibility.

But as the use of resources increases, you'll begin to experience problems, such as slower response times and loss of overall performance. Why? The issue is down to the way shared servers work.

How do shared servers work?

In order to maximise hardware efficiency – and because end-user demands are relatively low – shared hosting platforms distribute the resources of a single server between multiple accounts. For example, a single server could be running ten or more websites.

A virtual private server (VPS) is slightly different. Using virtualisation technologies, the underlying physical server resources are packaged up to create virtual servers. This allows several VPS instances to run on each physical server in a data centre.

Both shared hosting and VPS hosting have one thing in common – they share physical resources between multiple users. And this is where you may begin to notice issues as your resource demands increase. Placed under load, the shared CPU, RAM and storage will experience bottlenecks. This can affect the end-user experience.

The Dedicated Server difference

A dedicated server is a completely different proposition. As the name suggests, an entire physical machine is given over for the sole use of the customer. The CPU, RAM and storage is exclusive to that one user, and will never be shared with an unauthorised website or application.

Having a server dedicated to your own applications offers several significant benefits. Call our Dedicated Server specialists and discuss your hosting needs on 0333 0142 706.