Whether you're running a small business or an industry giant, a website’s domain is always important. If a customer asks you in person how to find your business online, the first thing you will say is your domain name.

Because of this, a succinct and memorable domain name is often the difference between building a successful web presence and vanishing without a trace. A domain name also establishes a small business as a credible company.

So why transfer your domain name?

Keeping the same domain name for your business is usually very important, as it prevents customer confusion and ensures that they know exactly where you are. If you have a catchy domain name that’s working well – you should keep it!

The primary reason for keeping hold of your domain name however, is that moving domains can cause enormous damage for your Search Engine Optimisation. Google and other search engines use metrics from page and domain to decide its ranking; unfortunately these are set to zero when you switch to a new domain. It can take time for a new domain to build authority so you moving yours to another should be the last resort.

Fortunately, transferring your domain name solves these problems. Here are some more reasons why transferring domains is a good idea:

Better service

Some hosts just offer better service than others! Whether it’s email, telephone or chat, having an easily contactable support team that can get to the root of any issue quickly is always helpful.

Lower costs

For a business, cutting costs is just as important as increasing income; this is why transferring to a more cost-effective domain provider, often with savings on your annual renewal purchase, is a potential low-hanging fruit for your organisation.

Registrars, who are usually the hosts too, will often offer a special discount or a low price on domain transfers. Low renewal costs can also help your business make future savings.

Be wary of providers that raise will renewal prices – do your research properly! These unexpected hikes in price, even after a few years, can become very expensive when you have a number of separate accounts.

Improved security

Maintaining the security of your domain name should be important for any business. Hackers can steal domain names by getting access to your domain account via various means.

There are also a number of other measures of defence for your domain, such as a SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it consists of small data files that digitally attach a cryptographic key to the details of a company or organisation. In basic terms, it certificate provides a secure connection over the internet

Greater convenience

Transferring your domain to your existing host means that you only have to deal with just one company if something goes wrong. Having your billing and expiration info in the same place can also make things significantly less complicated.

There’s no need to buy – domain transfers can be free

For such an important part of an online business’s strategy, you might think that transferring your all-important website address will cost you a fair bit of money – but you’d be wrong!  Any good quality host doesn’t charge for a domain transfer when you switch over to their hosting services. Be sure to research how much it will likely cost to re-register the domain name in the future though, as some unscrupulous hosts may vastly inflate the price rather than charging a small fee.

Do I have to contact WHOIS?

WHOIS is an online service that’s run by the non-profit Internet Society. It’s a query and response tool with a database that holds the registered users or assignees of domain names, an IP address block and lots of other information.

Though restricted somewhat since the introduction of GDPR in 2016, your domain name and personal details are saved in WHOIS and you may wish for this information to not be available to the public. There is the option of an ‘add on’ service that you can pay for that can protect your personal information. You can learn more about WHOIS here.

When transferring your domain a new host will contact WHOIS on your behalf, but be careful that they do not charge extra for this service as it’s free. It’s pronounced “who is” by the way!

So what do I have to do for my free domain change?

To transfer your domain to another host, you should first do your research and find one that’s reliable, offers reasonable re-register fees, and has good reviews from a quality source. Ensuring that your website is in safe hands is very important as you won’t have to fret about your brand or data getting stolen.

When you have chosen a new host, simply open an account with them and then ask your present domain provider to change your domain name’s IPS tag. Your new host will tell you what to change it to.

This process may take up to 3 days depending on the provider, but once this has happened you will be able to log into your new provider’s control panel and register your domain. With Fasthosts, you’ll then get easy-to-follow onscreen instructions that will help you complete the process with minimum fuss.

Transferring your domain name to us is free. Our user-friendly control panel is designed specifically for the customer and makes managing your domain a piece of cake. You may also wish to find a perfect new domain name – search here if one is not enough!