When starting your own business you might have dreams of it becoming a huge, global phenomenon, or you might only hope for enough success to make a living doing what you love. Either way, you’ll need some the technology to help you grow.

From simple email and word processing to video conferencing and statistical forecasting, the Office 365 product suite comes with applications that will help you get started, start to grow, and maintain that success when you reach the top. And our customer service teams will be there to support you with Office 365 every step of the way.

Your own email address

An obvious place to start as you look to get your business recognised online is with a domain name. Setting up a domain name for your new or existing website lets your customers know where to find you, and how to get in touch with you once you’ve created your first email address.

If you don’t already have one, a free domain name for the first year is included with Office 365 from Fasthosts. However, if you do already own a domain name, our expert support teams will help you transfer it to us.

Huge mailboxes

With Office 365 you get 50GB worth of mail storage, which means you have plenty of space for those important emails – even as your business gets larger and your mailbox gets busier. When you grow to the point where you start employing other people, they too can have their own email address and 50GB mailbox by simply adding a new user to your Office 365 licence.

If you’ve already been using free or basic email solutions, our free setup service and customer support teams will aid you with migrating your data and contacts from your old email account to your new Office 365 mailbox.

The whole package

Office 365 has a range of applications to support your business at each stage of growth: get your business started with the essentials like Outlook Email and Microsoft Word, begin to forecast finances with Excel, create client presentations with PowerPoint, communicate internally and externally with clients or colleagues with Skype for Business, and store documents and files online with OneDrive. Whatever part of the journey your business is in, there’s an Office 365 application to support you.

Plus, you don’t have to keep buying new versions of the programs every couple of years, because all of the Office 365 applications are updated whenever there’s a new version available, meaning you’re always feeling the benefit of the latest features and security updates.

Business on the go

You don’t have to be sitting at your desktop computer to do business anymore. With Office 365 all of your favourite Microsoft applications are available to download across your mobile devices. Take your work with you by storing your documents online with 1TB free OneDrive storage, and edit/communicate from anywhere with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., on your smartphone or tablet.

You’ve got our full support

Running your own business can be stressful, so as you embark on this journey you’ll want to find peace of mind wherever you can. If you’re ever having problems with your Office 365 package, our expert support teams are available at any time of day.

Get in touch however you want through Facebook, Twitter, email, or phone, and someone will be there to answer 24 hours a day, with specialised Office 365 support available 8am-8pm. Find out how to get in touch by visiting our customer support site, or visit our website for more information on Office 365.