Our CEO gives a statement on the current situation regarding COVID-19 for Fasthosts staff and customers.

A message for Fasthosts customers

In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges for the whole country, my thoughts are with our customers and partners. With rapid announcements and the situation changing on a daily basis, I’ve been constantly impressed by the way our communities have adapted, and how quickly we’ve come to terms with new and different ways of living and working.

That said, the impact is being felt by individuals and businesses alike, so at Fasthosts, I’m overseeing measures that will ensure our services continue to meet our customers’ needs.

Keeping your business online

We know that our infrastructure provides critical services to our customers, and that communication and collaboration is crucial at this time. Please rest assured that our data centres will continue to operate as normal, and our critical engineers will remain on hand to carry out key tasks as needed.

Helping our customers

In our effort to protect staff, we may have to adapt our customer support during the coming weeks. Our support teams provide a vital role, and under normal circumstances they deliver top levels of availability. Obviously, these are not normal circumstances, so we ask for your patience as some support channels become more limited and we shift emphasis towards email and live chat. We’re committed to keeping support available wherever possible, and you can find more details in our contingency plans set out here.

Supporting our employees

The nature of our business means our services can continue as normal with the vast majority of staff working remotely, and we’ve supported this shift by adapting our ways of working. As I mentioned, our key data centre staff will remain on site, where we’ve made sure to implement social distancing and stopped all physical interaction in line with the latest health advice. We’ve also introduced even more intensive cleaning procedures throughout our offices to create the safest possible environment for our remaining staff.

In these uncertain times, we’re totally committed to providing a reliable service for you and your business, and supporting our community any way possible. We’re doing everything we can to minimise the impact on your websites, email, servers and other services, and we’ll continue to prioritise our customers and employees as the situation develops. Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe.