On the surface, Minecraft is a building game where you can live out your dream of a quiet life raising sheep (and brutally killing creepers every night). But when you really dig down, Minecraft has a lot of depth – literally.

If you’re looking to add a little more complexity to your Minecraft experience, here are some Easter eggs you can hunt for.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Raise a Toast to this rabbit

From Roger Rabbit to Peter Rabbit, they're a beloved pet to many. That’s something that Reddit user xyzen420 knows better than anyone, after telling Mojang the story of his girlfriend’s lost rabbit, Toast, on r/minecraftsuggestions in 2014. But not one for an unhappy ending, developers turned this sad situation into a sweet Easter egg.

Try using a name-tag and anvil to name a rabbit ‘Toast’ and see its skin change to black and white! Now xyzen420 and his girlfriend get to see their beloved Toast every time they log onto a server.


Source: Autodesk Instructables

Party with a Rainbow Sheep

Pride month might have passed, but for the sheep of Minecraft, flying the rainbow flag happens all year round. Change their name to ‘jeb_’ with a nametag and anvil and watch as the sheep flicks between each colour of the rainbow.

Source: Minecraft Forum

Turn that Mob upside down

Ever wondered what it would be like to fight an upside-down assailant? Well, wonder no more. Inspired by Nathan Adams, Technical Director at Mojang, whose Twitter avatar and cover photo are flipped, all you have to do is name any mob ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grummm’, using a nametag and anvil to watch it do a flip.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Lightning neigh-ver strikes twice

If you prefer playing the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, you could try finding the skeleton horse! This Easter egg is much rarer than the others we’ve covered. You’ll need to find a horse and wait for it to get struck by lightning, spawning a skeleton horse.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Here’s Johnny!

Vindicators are already one of the most hostile entities you’ll come across. But if that’s not enough, try naming them ‘Johnny’ and see them transform into a killing machine, attacking even the ender dragon. This Easter egg is, of course, is a reference to Stephen King’s The Shining and the infamous axe-wielding antagonist.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

An ode to Pokémon

Every Minecraft player will be familiar with the randomised yellow splash text you see when entering the game. Usually displaying helpful tips, inside jokes, or random phrases, savvy users discovered that if you delete this text file completely, it will simply read ‘missingno’. Sound familiar? This Easter egg is likely a reference to Pokémon’s famous glitch of the same name that appeared in the original games.

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