Love it, hate it, or don’t know what to make of it, you can’t escape the AI chatter in 2024. But are we getting a bit ahead of ourselves? To help us paint a bigger picture, we’re taking a trip down memory lane – more specifically to 2017 – when we asked, ‘Will AI replace humans?’.

While our resounding answer was no, we made this call with caution. And with AI gaining ever more traction, it’s about time we put our predictions to the test…

Generative AI is still generating buzz

If you've spent any time on social media over the past year or so, you’ll probably have come across those AI-generated yearbook photos on your Instagram feed. Or perhaps you’ve read a few LinkedIn posts that don’t quite sound like your boss wrote them.

Generative AI is a tool used to create images, text, or videos from a simple ‘prompt’. It’s all possible through natural language processing. This is machine learning that enables tools to interpret, manipulate, and comprehend human language. So the better the prompt, the better the response.

In 2022, ChatGPT broke the internet by bringing this technology into the limelight (for free, no less). But this is by no means the first example of generative AI we’ve seen – and it definitely won’t be the last. Take a look at a few of the most popular generative AI tools.


  • Launched in 2022, available with free and paid versions. 
  • Generative AI tool, converting written prompts into instant output. 
  • OpenAI’s crown jewel since it was founded back in 2015.
  • Best for written content. 


  • Conversational generative AI tool, launched in 2023 by Google.
  • More languages and easier modification of responses than ChatGPT.
  • Connects with Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Hotels, Flights, Maps, and YouTube.
  • Provides free image analysis and web access.
  • Best for research purposes.

Discord bot

  • Automates human tasks on Discord e.g. sending private messages and moderating interactions between users.
  • Has the ability to automatically add music, polls, games, giveaways, and more.
  • Best for community management.

Integrations are so in

But while these tools may dominate the mainstream conversation, the rapid evolution of AI integrations hasn't escaped our attention. Over the last few years, companies have been finding ways to save time on creative processes and improve their UX, without dramatically increasing overheads.

For example, LinkedIn is currently testing their ‘Write with AI’ function, leveraging generative AI to aid post creation. Mailchimp has also developed an integration to educate customers on the best time to send an email. So while the technology undoubtedly has the potential to replace certain jobs, many companies are simply launching AI as a value-add tool that bolsters their current offering.

The human cost of AI 

The usability, cost-effectiveness, and rapid growth of generative AI has really put the cat among the pigeons for those wary of the great tech takeover. While some panic about their career stability, others just enjoy using ChatGPT for fun. But what’s clear is this – AI can never truly replace human creativity.

Sure, these tools are leaps and bounds beyond what was available in 2017. But they seem to be best placed as time-saving assistants – ones that can fast track manual tasks like research, frameworking, and ideation.

Human creativity incorporates individual personality, complex thought processes, raw emotion, and unpredictable brilliance. When harnessed to its full effect, a true competitive edge is achieved and AI can’t replicate this. So while the robots are certainly along for the ride, we’ll still be in the driver’s seat.

Our crystal ball moment

So did we get it right seven years ago? Yes we certainly did. But be sure to revisit our 2017 blog to form your own conclusions.

So, see you in 2031? Something tells us that we won’t have to wait 7 years to come up with some new talking points. While you wait, future-proofing your IT infrastructure with our lightning fast cloud servers is a great way to move with the times.

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