Welcome to the club! Your shiny new domain is puts you on the right track to improving online visibility, boosting web traffic and more customer queries. But don’t go popping the champagne just yet – this is just the beginning.

A positive user experience and a consistent communication source are crucial for keeping your audience's attention. Which is why no unique domain is complete without reliable web and email hosting to boot.

Why web hosting?

If your domain name lets you talk the talk, then your web hosting provider helps you walk the walk. But how smooth that walk is all depends on the deal you go for. 

For a fresh, new business taking its first baby steps, you’ll want a reliable package that helps you make a good impression. But while you can do this for free, we recommend investing in the right package for long-term gains. Whatever route you go down, look for the following features…


This is the percentage of time your website is working and available to access – a key measure of system reliability and a crucial factor to consider. Your visitors don't want to go to your site only for it not to load.


A provider that takes hardware and software cybersecurity seriously is more likely to protect you from hacks and data breaches. Look out for ISO 27001 certified hosts if you’re serious about data protection.


Cliffhangers might be a good way to end a story, but when it comes to your website, the last thing you want is to leave potential customers on the edge of their seats. The better your website performance, the quicker your web pages will load.


The more customisation your web hosting provider offers, the more you can tailor your website to your brand and improve the user experience. A prettier website is far more likely to catch the attention of visitors and keep them there.


Providers who offer flexible upgrade options allow you to scale more easily as your website (and business) grows. You don't want to be stuck with a package that doesn't fit your expanding needs.

Why email hosting?

Just like your website, your emails need a place to call home. By investing in email hosting, you can personalise your email with your domain to securely send, receive and store emails – all while staying on brand. Here’s a handful of other features to look out for...

Spam filtering & security

Emails are a scammer's best friend. Find an email hosting provider that knows their stuff when it comes to spam filtering and virus protection. Your customer’s details depend on it!

Storage space

Hosting means more space, enabling you to store large amounts of important data from clients, customers and partners. And if it’s scalable, even better! Your storage can flex to your business’ needs.

Connect email addresses

If the idea of having sales and customer service queries in the same inbox makes you shiver, find a host that lets you have two addresses with the same domain. The best of both worlds!

Email + web hosting = match made in heaven

With your domain, website and email all working in sweet hosting harmony, the sky's the limit for your online business. Your strong online identity will be supported by reliable, action-ready hosting that forms the foundation for growth and success. 

Start exploring the potential to harness your hosting provider in more advanced ways. For example, create satellite pages to improve your SEO and ping more traffic over to your main website. Or you could even dabble in reseller hosting to your clients and customers, using your available capacity for a new revenue stream.

But for immediate action, we recommend finding a reliable host that allows you to house your web and email hosting under one roof with one control panel – like (drum roll please)... Fasthosts!

Bring it all together with Fasthosts

Experience the freedom of web and email hosting with our flexible packages. By choosing Fasthosts as your go-to provider, you can easily monitor and manage your entire online presence without having to jump between different providers. 

We go above and beyond, with 24/7 support, unlimited bandwidth, fully scalable options and a friendly team that’s ready to help your business flourish. So give us a call 0n 0800 0612 153 and we’ll show you what we’ve got.