Our Website Builder packages are getting an upgrade, meaning there's no better time to kick-start your online journey. Read on for more exciting news about what's coming to the platform.

Get up and go

With 52.2% of all web traffic being generated through mobile devices in 2018, we are living in an increasingly mobile age. For small businesses, the ability to work away from your desk or while walking around can drastically increase the amount of work done in a day.

We've taken this trend into account with the new Website Builder update. Moving away from traditional drag-and-drop functionality – a staple of website building platforms – we've introduced a bank of pre-built website sections for you to add to your website. Rather than needing to drag and drop individual pieces, which can be frustrating and fiddly on a mobile device, you can simply add one of our curated sections. Once you’ve added a section, you still get the full customisability you’re used to with individual widgets to move around as you like.

In addition to catering to our mobile website creators, we've introduced dynamic live previews which automatically suit desktop and mobile displays, making it easier to see what works on each platform. Websites built by our Website Builder packages are already responsive by default, but this new function makes it easier to see the changes on every platform, in real time.

Fresh new style

Our editor has also undergone some visual changes to bring it up to date with current design trends. The new look is clean, modern, and even easier to use. Paired with this is a new set of templates which carry over the cutting-edge look to your website – making it even easier to get started.

Although we've focused on mobile ease-of-use, this hasn't come at the cost of control. With the ability to change the colours, fonts and layout of each individual section, you can choose what you want to highlight.

Get yourself online

Our new editor improves the onboarding experience for new users, so no matter what level of technical skill you have, it's straightforward and quick to get your name on the web. Simply choose your website type and the style you're looking for, and you'll be shown a tailored selection of designs which are ready for you to edit.

We've focused on making the controls simple and free of jargon, and with our new library of pre-designed sections, you don't need to be a web professional to create your perfect website.

Online presence is of growing importance, and with less than two thirds of small businesses having a website, you can get ahead of the competition by building yours.

Try it out

You can try our Website Builder products completely free for up to three months. If you're a new customer, you'll be able to start using our updated system from the get-go. For existing Website Builder customers, you can upgrade for free now, or wait until the new year when all users will be migrated to the new version. Don't worry about your existing websites – they will remain the same as they seamlessly update to the new version.