Microsoft Exchange 2019 is the technology behind our all-new Exchange Email package. But what is new in the latest version of the world’s most popular email platform?

What is Exchange Email?

Exchange Email is a professional business email solution built on Microsoft Exchange 2019. With Exchange, emails (as well as other data like calendars and contacts) are stored on a central server and users log in through a client (such as Outlook) to access their email. Because data is stored on a central server, users can log in from any device, smartphone, or computer, and all information will be synced and up to date.

New features in Microsoft Exchange 2019

With each new iteration of the Exchange platform, Microsoft implements a range of new front and back-end features to offer the best possible email solution, and 2019 is the most complete package yet.

Improved performance

By reworking the back-end architecture to more effectively make use of the processors and available resources on the server, Exchange 2019 guarantees a faster, smoother user experience on the front-end. This means quicker access to emails, almost instant updates, and rapid search results.

Advanced security protections

With Exchange 2019 emails are protected on the server side by the latest cyphers and hashing algorithms.

Improved search

In older versions of Microsoft Exchange there were bugs that caused emails and files in the inbox to not appear in searches, but in Exchange 2019 the search function is now powered by Bing technology, meaning finding those important emails is faster and more reliable than ever before.

Inbox management

The new focused inbox filters out distracting and non-essential emails into a separate folder, and leaves important stuff in the primary inbox.


New integrated accessibility features like text-to-speech make interacting with emails easier for users with visual impairments.

Calendar tools

A range of new calendar features introduced in Exchange 2019 make it easier to keep up to date with co-workers.

  • Time zone management: New calendar features for scheduling meetings across multiple time zones make it easier to stay in touch with international colleagues.
  • Default end date: To prevent meetings for old projects clogging up the calendar, a meeting set as a recurring series will now have a default end date.
  • Do not forward: Meeting organisers can now prevent attendees from forwarding appointments to other people.
  • Better out of office: New out-of-office settings include the ability to block calendars, automatically decline invitations, and cancel meetings during specified absences.

What Fasthosts Exchange Email gives you

So, the latest version of the Microsoft Exchange platform is packed with new features, and choosing Exchange Email from Fasthosts comes with all these benefits as well:

Data sovereignty with UK data centres

Other Exchange Email suppliers might host data somewhere in Europe in Microsoft’s American data centres, but with Fasthosts Exchange Email all data is stored in our certified UK data centres, which comply by all of the latest UK data protection regulations.

Additional security measures

With advanced anti-spam/anti-virus technology, and data centres with the latest in physical and digital security measures, Exchange Email offers added protection on top of Microsoft’s precautions.

Migrate existing mailboxes

There’s no need to worry about losing existing emails or other data. We offer bespoke advice on migrating to Exchange Email 2019 from a range of other email platforms.

24/7 expert support

Our expert support teams are available 24/7 to offer help on everything from mailbox migrations to accessing email on new devices.

Visit the Fasthosts website for more information on Exchange Email.