Reports show that there’s somewhere in the region of 1.7 billion websites out there on the web. But which ones are visited the most? We took a look at the world’s busiest websites to see which came out on top. You can see the data for yourself on our website.

Silicon valley tops the list

Unsurprisingly, Google takes the top spot for the most visited website. With a staggering 32,470 requests per second through its search engine, it’s no wonder that it beats out the competition globally. The dictionary has even acknowledged ‘google’ as an official word!

Coming closely behind is the video-sharing giant, YouTube – also owned by Google. YouTube has more than two billion active users, and over one billion hours of video content is watched every single day.

Following (relatively) closely behind is another Silicon Valley giant, Facebook – the first in a string of social media companies, with Twitter and Instagram sitting a few places behind. The growing shift in mobile internet traffic has people checking their phones and social media more than ever – with GlobalWebIndex reporting that younger audiences spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media.

Easy on the ecommerce

Of course, in 2020, there’s not going to be a list of the most visited websites without ecommerce being featured on it. Ecommerce sales are growing by the year, so website visits grow alongside them. 10 of the 100 busiest websites were ecommerce sites, with a combined total of 10,887,402 hourly visits, putting the ecommerce sector at 4th on the list, right below Facebook.

Amazon comes in at number one in that category and number two, and number seven. As each of its domains are separately counted, it appears on the list three times. Ebay also appears twice – one for its US domain, and the other for its UK domain. But with Amazon’s lead, the total stats from its three domains beat out all of the other ecommerce websites on the list combined. Talk about a monopoly!

Across the globe

While many of the top results come from companies based in the United States, the data includes websites from all over the world. Here are some of the busiest websites you might never have heard of:

  • – At 4th place, baidu placed higher than many of the popular recogniseable websites, such as Twitter and Instagram. Baidu is the Chinese equivalent to Google – the primary search engine in China. They also specialise in AI and other internet services.
  • – in a similar vein, this Russian company sitting at 9th place on the list is the country’s main search engine, making its fortune from advertisements shown on search results and other forays into AI.
  • VK or VKontakte is Russia’s primary social media site, with many similarities to Facebook. It frequently tops the list for the most-visited site in Russia, and comes in at 17th on the list.
  • This video-sharing site allows users to submit, comment on and edit videos submitted by other users. It’s also a live-streaming platform where viewers can interact with streamers discussing various topics.

If you want to find out more about the world’s busiest websites, and exactly where your favourite websites place, you can see the whole dataset on our website.