Narwhal Media Group : Creating WordPress environments within minutes to generate leads.

Narwhal Media Group (NMG), is a Bristol-based group of fast-growing digital marketing and SAAS businesses that has hit on a winning formula for driving high-quality, unique leads for its clients. How? By developing an innovative proposition that includes using Fasthosts WordPress Hosting to turnaround bespoke websites at speed.

The lead generation industry has long relied on traditional face-to-face meetings and complex referral agreements to drive business. Yet it’s this kind of approach that all too often can take up valuable time and resource for staff. With the pandemic leading to more of us than ever constantly working online thanks to hybrid WFH environments, this more traditional approach can result in significant wastage.

Identifying a gap in the market, one innovative lead generation agency is breaking the mould in the industry. Headquartered in Bristol, NMG, formerly known as Lasso Leads, has struck gold when it comes to quickly generating high-quality, unique leads on behalf of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

NMG was launched just months before the pandemic hit. But where so many companies floundered as the business world suddenly shifted online, NMG’s unique lead generation proposition had them ahead of the game.

A few months before the pandemic, we had identified a gap in the market to create a new breed of lead generation and set up the business.
- Andrew Harkness, Director at NMG

Drawing on a decade of digital expertise, we seized our chance to launch a totally fresh proposition - one that could generate leads by coupling big data and technology with digital marketing solutions.

Using a unique methodology that blends data, insights and marketing experience for NMG’s customers, the company created a multi-channel format to quickly generate new, interested prospects without breaking the bank.

As well as crafting content, ads and editorials to increase brand exposure across a client’s network, our team of experts importantly need also to be able to whip up bespoke websites in just minutes, and we do that by using Fasthosts WordPress Hosting product.
- Andrew Harkness, Director at NMG

As a result, we are able to deliver leads that are not only affordable, but are also scalable and entirely unique.

Of course targeting individual prospects and working across a vast range of sectors is no mean feat, and the volume of bespoke websites that NMG has developed to date using Fasthosts WordPress Hosting is vast. Today, NMG is home to a hive of activity and the business hosts over 300 websites with Fasthosts. Around 200 of the newest websites use the latest version of their WordPress Hosting, with the team on average building around five new sites per week which then constantly need reiterating.

With the team working at pace to deliver high-quality leads for clients, selecting a reliable WordPress partner that can provide quick set-up, high speeds and top performance while minimising any potential downtime is key for NMG. But finding the right partner wasn’t instantaneous when NMG first launched. Andrew recalls: In the early days of setting up NMG, we worked with a couple of large domain sellers but we quickly found that service and value for money was clunky, costly and overall rather unsatisfactory.

In contrast, we’ve found that Fasthosts WordPress Hosting is both highly reliable and competitively priced for the quality provided. Crucially, speed of set-up is a huge factor for us and we often need to create an online environment in minutes – their product means we can confidently deliver this.

Companies can of course sometimes be undermined by a badly designed product or poor levels of customer service, but not with Fasthosts. We need to ensure that any potential downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. With Fasthosts, the solutions they provide go way above and beyond what we had previously experienced with other providers. Thankfully it’s rare that we need to call on them for help, but when we do have the odd occasion, we’ve found that the 24/7 support levels and consistency of service are fantastic in comparison to others.

Andrew concludes: Working in a busy environment, I get huge peace of mind knowing that I’m in safe hands with Fasthosts, and as a result now solely use them to provide our WordPress hosting. In fact, the speed and performance for quick set up and turnaround times in creating websites has definitely helped us grow our business since we started working together – and for me, that says everything.

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