putting Prestatyn on the digital map

What makes the perfect customer? Is it loyalty? Brand advocacy? Business growth? Well, sort of... But we can sum up this answer in just 2 words – Gareth Williams.

Gareth launched his IT business, WebUp Media, 25 years ago and became a Fasthosts customer 2 years later. Since then, WebUp, which specialises in creating dynamic websites for even more dynamic clients, has gone from strength to strength. They've even worked with huge industry names like British Airways and Vauxhall.

But when Gareth thinks about what makes his business so successful, it's never been about gaining international notoriety or working with the biggest and best. It's the love for his local community of Prestatyn in Wales that has kept him going throughout everything.

Why community matters for WebUp

Supporting local business is hugely important, Gareth told us. Whether that's spending money on the high street, creating jobs, or helping companies in the area get online... Actually, in Prestatyn, every other shop now has a website!

Gareth has always been proud to give back to his community. In fact, one of his most significant undertakings to this day involved securing the domain name for prestatyn.co.uk, which he's currently working on turning into an updated website for the town. But this relationship with his community isn't solely one-sided.

I get most of my clients through word-of-mouth marketing, which is great because I typically do my best work with small businesses, between 1 to 10 people in size, he continued. It helps that WebUp also offers free updates once we've finished working on a website. It's a nice little incentive to keep coming back.

Helping clients get online

Like Fasthosts, Gareth's mission is simple – to help clients get online faster and hassle-free. When we started out 25 years ago, we were mainly developing software for Windows PC. But the early 2000s brought a technological revolution, so we moved from PC to web-based solutions.

Now, WebUp specialise in high volume, high transaction, and high availability websites, as well as providing general IT support for a number of clients. Ultimately, Gareth hopes to use his skills to make sure that every business can compete in an online market.

For example, I had one client still using paper to track everything, so I asked him if he'd ever thought about an online booking system. Then I got him set up with Sage and integrated automatic payments. It saved him so much time and effort! That's what WebUp is all about.

Fasthosts have always been quick to support

As one of the early adopters of the Fasthosts Partner Programme, Gareth has seen its evolution over the past 4 years. After being a customer for nearly 2 decades, he saw the Programme listed on our website. And the rest is history.

It was a stroke of genius to enable me to link my client accounts to my own partner account, he said. Now I can access 26 customers from a single log-in!

As a proud Partner, Gareth has made use of the multitude of services available from Fasthosts, including Domain Names, Email Hosting, and 24/7 support (or just a phone call to his good friend Matthew Harvey).

I can't recommend Fasthosts enough. I never go a day without using either their products or services, he said. They're the best by a metric mile... Is that the right phrase?

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