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The full MS SQL Dedicated Server package

Manage your databases on powerful and secure Dedicated Servers with MS SQL. Choose from MS SQL Express, Web or Standard and get the tools you need to run business-critical applications. Plus our expert support team is here 24/7 to help with your server – if you’re up, we’re up!

MS SQL server software

MS SQL Server software is available on all of our Windows Dedicated Servers. Rapidly launch webpages, applications, websites and services with MS SQL Server 2019.

CRM and ERM ready

Run mission-critical applications like customer relationship management, enterprise resource management and other similar applications with MS SQL Server 2019 Standard edition.

The right SQL edition for your Dedicated Server

Features MS SQL Express - Free MS SQL Web - £' + pS[0] + ' + per month MS SQL Standard - £' + pS[0] + ' + per month
Use Designed for users that build small, data-driven web and mobile applications Designed for businesses that launch and support public-facing websites and applications Required for running line-of-business applications such as customer relationship management tools
Versions available MS SQL 2019 MS SQL 2019 MS SQL 2019
Maximum memory utilised per instance 1.4GB 64GB 128GB
Max user connections 32,767 32,767 32,767
Database mirroring Witness only Witness only Full safety only
Smart backup

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High-performance storage, no traffic caps, next-level CPUs plus Windows or Linux – sound good? Learn more about our top-tier Dedicated Servers.


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