Developer products
with major perks

Looking to build a powerful platform? Want to get a website online? Well you’ve come to the right place. Get the toolkit you need with top-notch performance from flexible solutions plus 24/7 pro support to boot.


Making tech less complex

Getting the best out of your infrastructure shouldn’t be difficult. We’ll have you set up in no time, complete with mind-blowing performance and transparent pricing.

Supported migrations

Already have other products but not happy with your current host? Transfer to us and get all the benefits we have to offer. Our pros will help you find the easiest way to migrate to us, making moving your projects as stress-free as possible.

Clear-cut pricing

No one likes huge price hikes catching them off guard. That’s why we have some of the most stable prices out there. And if there are any changes, we’ll be transparent and keep you in the loop so you’ll know what you’re paying each time

Expert support, 24/7

Don’t let anything stop you in your tracks. If you get stuck or have a quick question, our support team is always here to speak your language. Get the pro support you need from real people whenever you need it – we’re only ever a phone call away.

The full toolkit

We build our products for people who value the same things we do – maximum performance and minimal limitations backed up by dedicated support. So, whatever your gig is, we have the solution for your projects.


Our servers are the solution your project has been craving. Powered by cutting-edge hardware, you get built-in security that keeps your data safe and full root access for complete control over your configuration.

AMD Dedicated Servers

AMD Ryzen PRO and EPYC Dedicated Servers, packed full of performance. Get up to 128GB RAM, 4TB storage and 16 core processors, with full root access and support for virtualisation.

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Intel Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers powered by Intel Xeon processors. Built with impressive hardware and top-of-the-line security, get up to 192GB RAM, 20 core processors and 4TB storage.

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Virtual Private Servers

Fast, affordable VPS that give your project room to grow with upgradable resources. Get speedy SSD storage and install apps that make it even easier to access your favourite tools.

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Scale as you build with flexible resources, ideal for loads of project sizes. Get high end technology, predictable pay-as-you-use billing and customisable server configurations.


Revel in the power of servers that grow with your business. Scale on-demand with fully flexible resources. Get down-to-the-minute billing and the ability to pause your server.

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Bare Metal Servers

Powerful servers with dedicated resources and the flexibility of pay-as-you-use billing. Start and stop your server when you need to and get your choice of AMD or Intel tech under the hood.

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Store more files and handle bigger data on dedicated servers with huge storage. Or backup your projects securely and access your data easily with cloud backups that keep everything safe.

Storage Servers

Dedicated servers with even bigger storage capacity, powered by AMD Ryzen and Intel Xeon Gold tech. Get up to 64TB to manage more files, handle larger data and store bigger backups.

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Cyber Protect

Forget manual backups. Automatically safeguard servers and recover entire VMs, single files, folders and even databases in minutes. Always be prepared with Cyber Protect.

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Pro Hosting

From simple websites to full-blown business sites, get everything your projects need. Whether you’re building for yourself or creating sites for clients, our hosting is simple to set up and a breeze to manage.

Web Hosting

Optimised for performance and built for easy management, our Web Hosting comes with all the free essentials. And with advanced support for PHP, you’re free to be the codemaster.

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WordPress Hosting

Enjoy lightning-fast, optimised hosting for the world’s most popular content management platform. Setup is easy, performance is superfast and the possibilities are endless.

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Fasthosts remove all the worry of physical infrastructure. We're software specialists and can't spend our time dealing with hard drives and discs. Fasthosts does it for us so we can focus on our clients. They give us a personal service so we can do the same for our customers.

Jack Byrne Software Developer, Start Software

Real tech support from
real techies, 24/7

When you need help with something technical, a person with the right knowledge and skills is worth their weight in gold. Our experienced support specialists are available 24/7, by phone, email and live chat. They’re friendly, understanding and they certainly know their stuff.

Rock-solid protection
for your data

From one business to another, we know that looking after your data is a serious thing. That’s why we do absolutely everything to keep it secure – just as it should be. Our ISO 27001-certified data centres are monitored 24/7 and feature the latest in hardware and software security.

Ready to get started?

Need help choosing a product? Have a question about our hosting? Our sales team are all ears. With 25+ years of experience in the industry, we’d love to help you find the right solution for you.