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Swabs of each surface (desk, keyboard, desk chair, mouse, kitchen bin, toilet seat, and door mat) were taken using Hygiena’s UltraSnap Surface ATP Test, before being analysed using the EnSure Touch monitoring system to determine RLU (Relative Light Unit) results. We used ten different reference points i.e. we swabbed ten of each item, across a variety of locations.

Each RLU reading is based on the level of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) collected from the sample swab. The relationship between ATP and an RLU reading is straightforward:

  1. High contamination (dirtiness/improper cleaning) will lead to large amounts of ATP.
  2. High rates of ATP will produce more light for the EnSure Touch Monitoring System to detect.
  3. The higher the RLU reading, the dirtier the sample is.

Samples with an RLU reading of <50 register as a pass (clean), whereas samples with an RLU reading of >50 register as a fail (dirty). Each object’s RLU score was recorded, and an item’s final total is an average of all failed scores.