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Get creative with a .art domain name.

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Why buy a .art domain with Fasthosts?

24/7 expert support

Need any help with your .art domain? Our customer support team is here for all things domain-related, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so you can focus on creating.

Security you can trust

Rest assured that your .art domain is safe with us, in our green UK data centres. Buying a .art domain never felt more sustainable! Feel good about making a difference.

Email forwarding

With our .art domains, you can create unlimited email forwarding addresses to send emails to the right place. Never miss an important email again with a .art domain name.

100% free transfers

Got a .art domain already? Not a problem! Transfer your existing .art domain to Fasthosts for free. Yes, you read that right – for free! It doesn’t get better than that.

Complete DNS control

With complete DNS control of your .art domain, you can define rules that control DNS requests and responses. You’ll also receive support for unlimited .art subdomains.

Anycast DNS

Reduce latency and reach a global audience, thanks to Anycast DNS with any .art domain you register with us. Sounds pretty good, right?

What can a .art domain do for you?

Want to sell art, and photographic prints, advertise upcoming exhibitions or build a community within the arts? Then a .art domain is the way to do it!

Be recognisable

Show the art community what you’re all about with a .art domain. Plus, it’s short and easy to remember.

Connect with other artists

Make your .art domain the go-to place for artists, freelancers, art lovers and other creatives in your field.

Get your .art domain seen

Use a .art domain name to your advantage and become more discoverable – from tattoo.art to weld.art!

How to choose a .art domain name

Pick the best .art domain name with our expert tips to help you get started.

Size does matter

Although domains can be up to 63 characters long, try to keep users in mind. Keep your .art domain name on the short side to make it memorable.

Steer clear of numbers

Using numbers in your .art domain name can cause confusion. If you need a number in your domain name, register a .art domain for each format.

Keep it simple

Hard-to-spell words in your .art domain can also be confusing. If it’s business-critical, register multiple .art domains that cover misspellings.

Avoid special characters

You can’t use special characters like underscores or exclamation points in a .art domain name, but you can use hyphens. Just not as the first or last character.

Get more from your .art domain name

No matter your goals, a .art domain shows your audience you love the arts. So register a .art domain and tell the world what you’re all about!

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WordPress Hosting makes it easy to build and manage your site. Plus, use your .art domain to build brand recognition. We’ve also got built-in security, performance upgrades, and automatic backups and a free SSL certificate and email hosting!

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Boost your brand with every email you send. With Email Hosting, you can use your .art domain in your email address and give customers the best first impression. Plus, we’ll keep your data safe with the latest antivirus and anti-spam protection.

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