Domain Release

If you have registered a domain name with Fasthosts through a third party and would like to regain control of your domain, we can help you with this process.

Who is my domain registered with?

We allow third party resellers to register domain names with us on behalf of domain owners. When you register a domain name through a reseller, they must ensure that your details are used as the domain registrant unless otherwise agreed in writing.

What is domain release?

If you are the domain owner/registrant and are unable to regain control of, or access to your domain name which is registered with us through a third party, Fasthosts will assist you to do so through the domain release process.

Note: A non-refundable administrative cost of £20 + VAT is charged upon successful completion of the domain’s release into your control.

What will I get from this process?

You’ll regain control of the domain name, but NOT the associated hosting services, e.g. mailboxes, website files, linked databases etc.

What is a Domain name?

Unique web address enabling web users to locate your website on the internet.

What is website/email hosting?

A service for storing and retrieving website files and emails on a server connected to the internet, enabling web users to access your website or send emails to a mailbox associated with the domain name.

What happens next?

Domain release requirements

Create a new Fasthosts account:

Open a new account with a valid method of payment attached for us to complete the transfer. You can manage the domain’s settings, renewals, transfers through your account. No charge is taken until the domain transfer is complete.

Complete the online form:

We’ll send an acknowledgement email once you’ve submitted your request. Further contact will follow.

Note: Read and accept the terms and conditions

Once we receive your completed online form, we will carry out a full review here and contact you via email to confirm the documentation that we will require from you in order verify your identity, address and ownership of the domain name(s) in question. Failure to promptly provide all requested documents will result in a significant delay or failure of your request.

Domain release request online form

Please note: If your request is unsuccessful, no fee will be charged. This process generally takes six working days but can take longer depending on the circumstances of your request.

Step 1: Confirm Domain name
Step 3: Prepare supporting documents

If you are making this request as or on behalf of the 'domain owner'/registrant (e.g. as a director on behalf of a UK Ltd company), we will require documents to verify ownership and identity, which could include:

  • Passport/photocard driving license
  • Recent utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement displaying your address
  • Council tax or business rates letter displaying your address or that of the business associated with the domain
  • HMRC tax letter for the business or owner displaying your address

Important: Please do not send any documentation until we have specified what information is needed. Your request is more likely to succeed if you provide all the relevant information required.

Step 4: The reason you cannot contact your supplier
Step 5: Your agreement

Please read the following terms and agree to them by ticking the box below.

  • You permit Fasthosts to relay your contact details to the account holder at any point during this process, as necessary
  • You agree to the Fasthosts domain name terms and conditions
  • You agree for Fasthosts to debit your account with the domain release charge of £20 + VAT upon completion of this process

*If you are unable to complete this online form, please print the attached Domain Release document below to complete and return it to us via the address on the form.


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