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Do you have a domain name that is registered with Fasthosts through a reseller? Having trouble contacting them? Don’t worry, we may be able to help you with our domain release process.

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What is domain release?

We allow resellers to register domain names with us on behalf of domain registrants (that’s you). When they register a domain name on your behalf, they must make sure that your details are used as the domain registrant unless otherwise agreed in writing or by contract.

If you’re the domain registrant and need to manage your domain name but you can’t get hold of the reseller, we might be able to help through the domain release process.

Note: A non-refundable administrative cost of £20 + VAT is charged upon successful completion of the domain’s release into your account.

Is Fasthosts the provider?

Checking who your domain name is registered with is simple. Using a WHOIS lookup, you can check your domains. If your domain is registered with Fasthosts it will be shown in either of the following formats:

gTLD such as .com, .net, .online

All .uk domains

What will I get from this process?

If all goes well, we’ll transfer the domain into your own Fasthosts account. You’ll then be able to easily manage the domain name yourself such as applying renewals, updating the DNS settings or editing the domain contacts.

What won’t I get from this process?

You will NOT gain access to the associated hosting services, e.g. mailboxes, website files, linked databases etc.

What happens next?

Simply complete our online form and after carrying out a full review, we’ll email you to confirm the documentation that we’ll need. This is so that we can confirm your identity, address and ownership of the domain name(s) you’d like to release. We ask that you send over the requested documents as soon as possible so we can get started.

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Please note: If your request is unsuccessful, we won’t charge you anything. This process normally takes around six working days but can take longer depending on the circumstances of your request.

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