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Get a beast of a web address with your own .monster domain – perfect for unleashing fiendishly good projects on an unsuspecting internet.

Creating a monster is easy

One big advantage of a .monster domain is availability. With other domains, the name you want may well be taken. You could try a different version of the address, but then you risk ending up with an overly long and complicated domain – an actual monstrosity! With .monster you’re more likely to find the exact wording you’re after.

Frighteningly memorable

Just like a scary movie, a .monster domain sticks in the memory of anyone who sees it. Register your own creative and catchy .monster address to ensure that your website makes a ferocious first impression of users looking for content, products or services with a terrifying twist.

Tower over the competition

Monsters don’t exactly blend into the crowd. With a .monster domain, you can stand out and make competitors look puny by comparison. You should also consider registering your .monster address to prevent anyone else from grabbing it – you want to keep your monster on your side, after all!

Scarily useful

There are virtually no limits to what you can do with a .monster domain. Whether your brand is horror-themed, your website features spooky content, or you just have a monstrously big idea you want to share with the world – if you can imagine it, there’s a .monster waiting. (Just hope it’s not under the bed.)

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Unlimited email forwarding

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Data centre security

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Advanced DNS control

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