However, before you contact us, please ensure you've exhausted every means of communication with the third party. If you still can't contact them, please complete the form below to request the release of your domain.

Please note: We charge a non-refundable administration fee of £20 +VAT for each domain-release request. The process may take up to six working days because we need to give our customers a reasonable length of time to respond.

Domain Name Ownership Disputes

If our customer disputes your claim on the domain name, a member of our domains team will give you a link to the dispute policy of the relevant domain-name authority.

Domain name disputes must be settled between you, the third party and the domain-name authority; Fasthosts will have no further involvement.

Please note that if you owe fees to the third party, you must settle them first. We can only proceed if you've paid your fees and the domain is registered to you. Please check this via WHOIS


You will need to provide proof that you own your domain name.

This can be:

  • A copy of the confirmation letter for your Nominet domain-name registration (for UK domains)


  • Proof of purchase (e.g. invoice) from your domain provider, along with a copy of your driver's licence or passport. If your domain name is registered to a company, we'll accept a utility bill that matches the registered address displayed on WHOIS.
  • Your request is more likely to succeed if you have all the relevant information.

Please note that Fasthosts can't help you:

  • Obtain a copy of website data
  • Regain control over the hosting of email or a website

This process will only help you regain control of your domain name registration.

The Domain Release Process

Step 1:

Complete release request

Complete a domain release request using the form below. We'll check to see if we can assist you, if we can assist we will then email you a domain release form to complete and return.

Step 2:

Complete form and email

Once you have recieved the form, please complete it and email it to us along with your proof of ownership.

Step 3:

We'll do the rest

Wait for us to contact the reseller. We'll do this over the course of 6 working days. Then, we'll release the domain name and contact you to confirm we've done it.

Domain Release Request

To send a request to our domain release team, please fill in and submit the form below. Please include as much detail as possible when specifying the reason you are unable to contact the person who registered the domain on your behalf , as this will assist us in resolving these issues and avoid unnecessary delays in the release process beyond the 6 working day average.

Domain Release Process

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