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Experience all the benefits of Fasthosts Hosted Exchange for yourself, with a 30-day free trial. You’ll see all of your existing emails within the new system, and you can cancel any time via your control panel. Just tell us to start the trial and then install the copy of Outlook we can provide (or configure your existing copy).

We’ll remind you when your free trial is due to end – and if you like what you see, your trial automatically converts to a paid service*. If you don’t, then you are free to go back to your previous package with no additional charge.

* For each mailbox the paid service pay as you go per month costs £5.49+VAT or for twelve months per month costs £4.99+VAT, plus an additional £1.49+VAT for mailboxes with Outlook licenses. The paid service can be downgraded to standard email at any time via your control panel. See free trial Terms and Conditions of Service.

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Why Fasthosts Hosted Exchange?

Small firms and sole traders need the same clear communications and effective planning as large companies. Yet larger businesses usually have an advantage, with enterprise-grade services that let colleagues collaborate more effectively, avoiding both misunderstandings and wasted time.

You might be on the road, part of a project team or dealing with many customers, or you might use multiple devices such as desktops, tablets and phones. Fasthosts Hosted Exchange can bring all of your messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks together in one place – and now it is available for anyone, without platform or infrastructure support costs.

Secure and reliable

Spam and virus filtering is included, and Fasthosts gives you a proven hosted solution that avoids the need for capital outlay or ongoing operational costs. Scalability, resilience and IT support are all built-in – delivered from our own European data centres with 24/7 support.

Anywhere, any time

From a laptop, Apple computer, mobile or tablet, Fasthosts Hosted Exchange immediately gives you access to services well beyond email, including calendering, company-wide address books and sharing/delegation support. Anything you do on one device is synced to all of your other devices, and you can plan with colleagues, project partners or customers within a single business-friendly environment.

Simple to manage

Individual users can set up all of their services with just one configuration. The system even allows for mix-and-match mailbox types such as Hosted Exchange and Standard in a single domain if different users have different technical needs.

Made for business

Fasthosts Hosted Exchange gives you faster business-critical decisions, happier customers and more efficient day-to-day operations. With complete control and scalability, you can quickly adapt your email, calendar and other features as devices or business needs change. Above all, you gain time to focus on your core business issues.


  • 25GB upgradable to 50GB mailboxes
  • Manage and delegate workloads
  • Improve communications with shared contact groups
  • Share calendars and plan meetings


  • Scan-and-reply with first line email previews
  • Use one configuration for email, calendar, tasks...
  • Manage your inbox with conversion views, clean-up tools and AutoArchive
  • Secure Outlook Web App from any computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • Scalable - as many of few mailboxes as you need, any time
  • Discounts for volume purchases
  • Short and long term contracts
  • Mix-and-match mailbox types
  • Virtually unlimited mailbox numbers


  • Read/reply to emails, schedule meetings, share contacts and tasks
  • All changes synchronised across PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Apple, Windows Phone and Android

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To speak to an expert about beginning your upgrade, call 0800 088 6195 or email

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