Pixel Boat

Fasthosts Sponsors Solo Non-Stop Around the World Sailing Challenge

The Challenge

Fasthosts is excited to be an official sponsor of long-term customer Alex Alley, supporting him in his Solo Non-Stop Around the World record.

Later this year, Alex will be stepping on board his 40ft built-for-speed yacht, known as Pixel Boat, to tackle the Solo Non-Stop Around the World record attempt.

The current record is held at 137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds, and Alex has his sights firmly fixed on beating it. Setting out from Gosport in November 2018, Alex is aiming to return to UK shores in February 2019 after an intense 4 ½ months at sea crossing continents, time zones and seasons, alone.

What is Pixel Boat?

To help fund the ambitious voyage, Alex has set up a website where individuals, businesses and any other institutions can purchase ‘pixels’ to feature on the hull of the yacht. For a minimum donation of £25, images can be uploaded and displayed on Pixel Boat – so far Alex has accumulated logos of local businesses, pictures of beloved pets and happy couples, and memorial images, all adding to the personal feel of the record attempt.

With additional, hard-wearing sails, a satellite phone and highly specialist foods to purchase, Alex still needs additional support to see him through 4 ½ months at sea. Join Fasthosts in supporting Alex and Pixel Boat here.

About Alex

A yachtsman and motivational speaker, Alex has sailed for his entire life, representing England in the world championships by the age of 20. He sailed around the world as part of the 18-strong Team Stelmar in 2004, and has previously beaten the 876-mile Land’s End to John O’Groats record.

To this day he continues to break records, with the Solo Around the Isle of Wight record already achieved in January 2017, and more challenges still being considered between now and November.

Practice and preparation will be key to survival and success, so Alex has spent six years building up to the big challenge. With a personal commitment to never giving in, he now has a mind-set where failure is simply not an option.

Follow the challenge

https://my.yb.tl/alexalley Map showing route tracking