Reseller tools

We put you in complete control with a full suite of online tools that make running your Reseller business faster, simpler and more profitable. Allow your customers to manage their own hosting and mailboxes with free Customer Control Panels.

Package designer

Our ready-made Reseller package offers exceptional value for money however we also give you the flexibility to create your own packages that are as individual as your customers.

Unlike other Reseller hosting providers, we enable you to completely customise the packages you offer, right down to the amount of bandwidth, web space and mailboxes your customers can use. You can even create specialised packages, such as email-only hosting packages.

Reseller control panel

Manage every aspect of your web hosting business from your Reseller control panel.

Quick & easy management - your control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your Reseller hosting experience, including tools to configure even the smallest details of your customers' websites, domain names and email accounts.

Automated provisioning - activate web hosting services for your customers in seconds through your Reseller control panel. No manual order forms and no more waiting for packages to be installed, thanks to our automated system.

White-label plans - using your control panel, you can design custom plans to resell to your customers based on either your needs or their own. To get you started, we even provide you with a number of ready-made white-label plans that you can sell to your customers.

Customer management tools - our customer management tools are directly linked with your hosting plans, allowing you to see exactly what each customer has purchased from you. We even give you the tools to link customer's contact details with their domain names.

Brand your products - all branding options can be easily configured using our comprehensive control panel tools. We make it easy for you to hide the Fasthosts name and resell everything under your own brand.

Online billing - keep track of paid invoices and upcoming product renewals with your control panel, making it easy to reconcile billing details and charge customers for their services.

Powerful Reseller API

Integrate the functionality of your Reseller web hosting service seamlessly into your own website and increase the profitability of your business.

  • Automate new customer signups.
  • Allow your customers to purchase hosting packages directly from your website.
  • Check the availability of domain names and submit registrations in real-time.
  • Create tools for your customers to manage their own services.
  • Automate repetitive configuration tasks.
  • Choose to process customer orders automatically or manually.

Extremely flexible – customise to suit your needs

  • Includes comprehensive documentation.
  • Examples provided for every API function.
  • Test scripts available in C# (ASP.NET) and PHP.
  • Accessible using any server side language.
  • Includes a fully functional example new-customer signup.

Customer Control Panels now FREE

Customer Control Panels are now free of charge for all Fasthosts Resellers. We have recently improved the overall experience, with enhanced customisation and a more robust platform. We are also in the process of adding new products to the portfolio to provide new business opportunities for you and your customers.

A Customer Control Panel allows the user to:

  • Change contact details and login details
  • Configure mailboxes
  • View web space and bandwidth usage
  • Manage FTP login details
  • Configure custom error pages
  • Easily access pre-purchased add-on packages such as Website Builder
  • Configure databases

For more usability information on Customer Control Panels see our knowledge base articles.

White-label tools

Our Control Panel supplies you with all the tools you need to easily brand our products. No special coding or development is required; simply use our WYSIWYG tools to tailor products.

  • Set up a white-label control panel for each customer, providing full control of their web hosting and email services. Customer self-management means less work and reduced support overheads for you.
  • Our standard Nameservers (used for domain management) are white-labelled with no mention of Fasthosts. You can even use your own domain name for your Nameservers to really brand your hosting services for your more technical customers.
  • Display your own custom branded error pages when there's a fault on your customers' websites (e.g. "Page Not Found") or allow them to customise their own error messages.
  • Your customers never see the Fasthosts brand, even when using advanced features such as Outlook Web Access and TrafficDriver. The Fasthosts name remains completely invisible to your customers.

Customer management system

We take the hassle out of running a hosting business with a suite of customer management tools fully integrated with the products you resell.

Customer Control Panels
Set up a white-label control panel for each customer that you add to your control panel, providing full control of their web hosting and email services. Customer self-management means less work and reduced support overheads for you.

Customer Database
You can manage your customer database as customer contact details are stored securely. And, of course, you own your customers' details so Fasthosts will never contact them. If you already have a customer database, you can easily import it into your Reseller account.

Complete Customer Profiles
Maintain a complete customer profile that lists the products and packages that each customer has hosted with you. Easily reconcile invoices for add-on features to charge your customers for their services.

Unique Integration
Cut out manual admin work when your customers change address. To make things easy, you can link customer records to Domain Name Registrations, enabling you to automatically update contact details for the domains that each customer has registered with you.

Easy Upsell Opportunities
Create tiered packages, enabling you to offer upgrades when your customers outgrow their current product. Set your own quotas for products such as email and web space then you can charge your customers when they exceed their limit.

*For the 1st year. Normally £49.99pm ex VAT

Customer story:
Spindogs Logo

Creative digital agency Spindogs was established in 2004 in Cardiff. The company have built their reputation creating websites, apps and ecommerce sites, and have grown quickly through their creativity and relationship management. Spindogs receives over 3000 client requests each year.

The rapid growth of Spindogs and the digital marketing sector meant that the team needed to partner with a hosting provider that could support their growing client demand. Fasthosts met these requirements, and now provide Spindogs with 14 dedicated servers.

Find out more about Spindogs' partnership with Fasthosts.