New GTLDs terms

last revised 04 August, 2021

  1. New gTLD pre-ordering

    1. Disclaimer

      Fasthosts provides this service 'as is' and does not guarantee that this service will be error free.

      After placing a preorder with Fasthosts via the Fasthosts website or from the customer control panel, the Customer will receive an email to their nominated email address confirming the Order. It is the customer's responsibility to check that all information contained in the email is correct. If any mistakes are identified, the Customer must notify Fasthosts by return email within 48 hours. Fasthosts shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Customer in relation to any error in their Order that has not been notified to Fasthosts within the requisite time frame.

    2. New gTLD Disclaimer

      Fasthosts aim to provide complete information regarding prices, terms and conditions, availability, timing and the continued introduction of ICANN policies.

      Fasthosts cannot guarantee to submit the customers pre-order on the exact date and time that the registry releases the domain for General Availability for all new domain names. This is due to public holidays and multiple release dates in the same week.

      Pre-ordering a new gTLD for free with Fasthosts does not prevent anyone else from pre-ordering the same domain name with any other domain name providers.

      Fasthosts cannot guarantee that you will be able to purchase your pre-reserved domain name or that all available new gTLDs will be included in the Fasthosts portfolio. We intend to notify you promptly when the domain name you have pre-reserved is available; however, we cannot guarantee the timing of this notice and you will not have priority over anyone else. Pre-ordered domain(s) that are not allocated to you will not incur any additional costs. Ordered domain(s) that are not registered by you will also incur no additional costs. Additionally, some domain names may be subject to restrictions.

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