50GB Online Backup for Windows Devices -
FREE for the first year

Protect your data and important files with Online Backup for Windows. You can configure the service quickly to provide off-site, secure backup. It ensures you can recover data quickly if something goes wrong.

  • You can only get your first year of Online Backup free when you call our Support Team on 0844 583 0777.
  • Offer only applies to 50GB Online Backup configuration. Other configurations will incur charges.
  • After the first year, we'll charge you the standard price.
  • Online Backup only supports Windows operating systems.
  • Fasthosts reserves the right to change or end this special offer at any time and without notice.
  • Fasthosts' general terms and conditions apply.

To get 50GB Online Backup free for a year, simply call our Support Team once you've purchased your dedicated server. You can also increase your storage configuration for an additional fee.

Support for Windows Operating Systems only