SEO Manager Terms

  1. The following conditions apply to the Fasthosts SEO Manager service (“the Service”) that You purchase through Fasthosts (“We”). In addition to these terms of use, our Fasthosts General Terms and Conditions also apply. These terms take precedence over the general Terms and Conditions in the event of a conflict.
  2. This Service is a search engine marketing tool which allows You to optimise Your site for web searches.
  3. The Service shall help you define keywords and create a keyword list and based on this, the search engine provides You with an approximate number of people searching for Your selected keywords in the selected geographical area, as at the time of Your selection.
  4. The search engine may propose texts for advertisements, which You may change and adapt at any time.
  5. You shall be the legitimate domain owner of the website, or have written authorisation from the domain owner.
  6. The search engine is restricted to the United Kingdom only.
  7. You are responsible for the automatically generated advertisement texts and ensure there is no illegal or infringing material.
  8. We and our directory partners reserve the right to immediately remove any advertising in the event there is a suspected violation of the validity of the search engine results or a clear violation of these terms.
  9. We disclaim any liability for the success of using the Service and do not guarantee that you will be listed by search engines or you will achieve such rankings.