Cloud Server Terms

Last updated 02 July, 2019

Our cloud servers are servers with administration rights. We require You to have sound knowledge of administering server systems.

Each Cloud panel has its own management and configuration and is operated independently of your other cloud panels. No data or resources can be shared between different cloud panels.

  1. Your Obligations

    1. You are solely responsible for securing the server against any unwanted attacks and manipulation by third parties.
    2. You alone are responsible for updating the operating systems, drivers and application software installed on the server at Your own cost and risk.
    3. You are responsible for installing reliable security software and keeping it updated to prevent any unauthorised user from accessing or administrating Your systems, applications and networks.
    4. You agree to configure your programs to automatically restart when the hardware or operating system restarts.
  2. Our Obligations

    1. Access to the cloud server is limited to You and any persons authorised by You.
    2. In order to resolve technical incidents, We may remotely access the physical servers on which the cloud server is located and, therefore, we may have access to Your content. In this case, We shall only be permitted to perform the work that is required to resolve the incident.
    3. We reserve the right to cancel the cloud panel if You have not purchased or consumed any resources for a period of greater than six months.
    4. We reserve the right to update, change, modify or disconnect Your service in the case of:
      1. Excessive consumption of resources;
      2. Other disruptions that can be traced to You that are observed to be impairing the performance of the platform on which the resource is located- or infringing on the rights of third parties that share the infrastructure.
      3. In such cases, We shall notify You so that You can resolve the issue in question.
  3. Fees

    1. For CloudNX You pay the fees for the resources You purchase and consume each month on the cloud platform. Payment is due at the end of each month. You may view the actual and estimated consumption of cloud platform resources in your Cloud Panel. The estimated consumption is only a forecast. The actual fee is the fee listed on the invoice at the end of the month for the resources actually consumed.
    2. CPU, RAM and licences are not chargeable when a cloud server is switched off.
    3. Additional fees for fixed resources will also apply, for example domain names, SSL certificates, software licenses or storage space assigned to a specific hard disk on your server.
    4. For legacy Fasthosts’ Cloud Servers, You pay monthly as per the terms of Your contract.