Web Hosting and WordPress Service Level Agreement

  1. Fasthosts offer a service uptime guarantee of 99.99% of available access per month on our Web Hosting products (excluding scheduled maintenance, advance notice of which will be given wherever possible).
  2. Fasthosts are not responsible for outages outside of our control which may block or hinder access to your site, including the following: (1) Network conditions across the internet (outside of our network), such as between your ISP and our data center; (2) DDoS or other attacks on our servers; (3) problems with your ISP's network Browser or DNS caching issues; (4) interruptions caused by you from custom coding, scripting or the installation of 3rd party applications; (5) causes and events beyond our control that are not reasonably foreseeable; (6) outages caused by you as a result of illegal activity, or activity for which the system was not designed.
  3. Should your site become unavailable in a particular month (as determined and confirmed by Fasthosts) we will provide a service credit of 5% of the paid fee for the month, for every hour that your website is unavailable, up to a maximum of the full amount paid per month for the service (excluding any additional paid services). The period of the outage will be measured from the time you report the problem to our confirmation of restoration of service.
  4. Outages caused by third party software installations or other modifications to the default server operating system as deployed do not fall within the terms of this Service Level Agreement.