Combining all the best parts of virtual machines and dedicated hardware, bare metal servers are the latest innovation in infrastructure technology.

Traditionally, if your project needed power and stability you’d choose physical hardware like on-premises or remotely accessed dedicated servers. However, if your projects needed more flexibility, cloud servers were the way to go. But what if you need both?

Modern development projects and web applications need power AND flexibility, stability AND scalability, and that’s where bare metal servers come in.

Dedicated resources with usage-based billing

Dedicated hardware gives high performance through powerful, uncontested resources, but ties you into 12 or 24-month contracts. Whereas bare metal servers still give you all of the performance benefits of physical hardware, but on a cloud-like, usage-based billing model, where you’re not constricted by contracts or minimum terms.

If your latest development project needs short-term, powerful resources, then provision a bare metal server for however long you need it. Whether that’s one day or three, two weeks or six, you’ll only pay for the resources you use – right down to the hour.

Advantages of bare metal servers

No noisy neighbours

Bare metal servers are single-tenant, so your projects aren’t competing with others for the same resources. This gives your projects full power, and full control, meaning you can get on with coding your projects without having to worry about ‘noisy neighbours’ affecting your operational speeds.

Flexibility without performance penalties

Although easy to integrate with a network of virtual machines, bare metal servers don’t come with a virtualisation layer (or hypervisor) which saves storage space on the server, meaning more resources can be dedicated to your projects.

Quick provisioning

Dedicated servers can take hours to provision, but, much like virtual machines, bare metal servers are quick to deploy and can be provisioned in under eight minutes. This means the resources are there for your projects much quicker.

Range of operating systems

Whether you prefer Windows or Linux, root access means you have full control over your bare metal server, allowing you to run your favourite operating systems.

Backups and security

Bare metal servers come with all of the traditional security advantages of dedicated servers, like user-defined firewall policies and encrypted automatic data backups.

With access through VNC console, or an intuitive control panel, Bare Metal Servers from Fasthosts give developers the choice of how they want to interact with their server, meaning they spend less time worrying about the admin, and more time doing what they want to be doing: coding, and building web projects.

Visit the Fasthosts website for more information on Bare Metal Servers.