When registering a domain name, long gone are the days where you were limited to generic top-level domains like .com, .net, or .org. These days, there are hundreds of new TLDs to choose from that can tell users something more about your business. With competition for traffic and SEO rankings at an all-time high, the slightest difference could set you apart from your competitors. In that small space you can highlight a large and ever-growing USP within the online landscape for local businesses – locality. It may not seem so impactful, but the difference between a .com domain and a UK-specific one may be greater than you think.

Why register a UK domain name?

Choosing a British domain extension like .uk tells your customers immediately that you're a UK-based business. Before they've even landed on your site, they know they're dealing with someone local. British users will automatically trust your services more than a site with a generic .com domain, and you'll be displaying your pride in your British values. British consumers will perceive .uk domains to be more dependable, relevant, and trustworthy.

.co.uk vs .uk domains: which should you choose?

The ever-popular .co.uk domain has been in use for over two decades, and is one of the most well recognised domain extensions. However, this has also led to it becoming quite saturated, with many .co.uk domain names already registered.

Instead, you could opt for the more modern .uk domain extension, as far more domain names are available, and you'll stand out just that little bit more. If you're buying a domain on behalf of a UK-based organisation such as a charity or open-source project, consider using a .org.uk address to show off your British roots. Similarly, a .net.uk domain extension would suit a British networking or computing business perfectly.

Other UK domain extensions

Or, if you'd like to go even more local, we also offer more UK-based domain names. If your business is based in Cardiff or , why not consider a .wales domain and show off your Welsh heritage with pride? For websites written in the Welsh language, you could also choose a .cymru domain name. Or, if you're based in Scotland, then a .scot domain could be the perfect choice for your business. Use our domain checker to check the availability of your perfect domain name.