When registering a domain name, gone are the days when you were limited to non-specific extensions like .com, .net, or .org. Now you can tell your user something about your business just by the letters you choose after the dot. With competition for traffic and SEO rankings at an all-time high, the slightest difference could set you apart from your competitors. In that small space you can highlight a large and ever-growing USP within the online landscape for local businesses – locality. That sounds obvious but the difference between having a .com domain or a .co.uk is more important than you might think.

Why register a UK domain name?

Choosing a British domain like .uk tells your customers that you are a company based in the UK for people of the UK. Immediately, before they’ve even landed on your site, you’ve told them something about who you are as a company. UK users will immediately trust it more than the global .com and it displays that your business is proud of its British values. British consumers perceive .uk domains to be more dependable, more relevant to them, and more trustworthy.

Which should you choose?

The popular .co.uk has been in use for more than two decades, and is a well-known domain extension. However, this has led to it becoming quite heavily saturated, and many of these domain names are no longer available.

You could instead opt to use the more recent .uk domain extension instead, as far more of these are available. If you’re buying a domain on behalf of a UK-based organisation, such as a community or open-source project, you might choose a .org.uk to illustrate its British origin. Similarly, a .net.uk domain extension would be suitable for a UK business based around the networking or computing fields.

If your pride is more country-specific than a .uk domain represents, then registering a local domain is also an option. A .wales or .cymru domain extension shows the importance of Wales to your business and displays your pride and connection to the country, with the latter domain ideal for sites written in the Welsh language. Use our domain checker to check the availability of your perfect .wales domain name.

Available to anyone who lives or works in Scotland, a .scot domain name proves your commitment to Scottish heritage and attracts customers who would prefer to buy from local businesses. A .scot domain reassures Scottish customers that the page is relevant to them.

A .irish domain name lets Irish customers know that your business operates within Ireland, which instantly makes it more relevant to your target market and contributes to the projection of the global digital identity of Ireland.

With Brexit approaching, it’s more important than ever to cement your brand in the UK. We’re currently offering all .uk domains free for the first year, so you can get started straight away.