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Why choose Fasthosts for your .com domain?

24/7 expert support

If you need expert assistance or advice, we’re just a phone call away!

Security you can trust

Our UK data centres keep millions of domains secure and running smoothly.

Unlimited email forwarding

Unlimited addresses (like help@ and sales@) divert emails to the right place.

Free transfers and auto-renewals

Already own a .com domain? Transfer your name to Fasthosts for free!

Complete DNS control

Take control of your Domain Name System with support for unlimited subdomains.

Anycast DNS

Get global customers to your site faster with free Anycast DNS.

What can a .com domain do for you?

Your domain name is more than just a website address…

Known around the world

When you think of the internet you think of .com. Being internationally recognised with a .com domain name – it's the world's most popular extension, trusted by millions.

Instantly recognisable

The great thing about the .com domain extension is that it's short, memorable, and fits every type of brand. Even as your business matures, .com will still be relevant.

Borderless domain

US. UK. Spain. France. Anyone on the planet can register a .com domain name for their brand or business, regardless of their location.

How to choose a .com domain name

Struggling to decide on the best .com domain name? We’ve got some top tips to make your website stand out…

Size does matter

While your domain name can be up to 63 characters, shorter ones are easier to remember and harder to misspell.

Steer clear of numbers

Using numbers in your domain name can be confusing. If you need to use a number, consider registering a domain for each format.

Keep it simple

A domain name is the first thing people see when they find your site. So keep it short, sweet, and easy to type in a rush.

Avoid special characters

Avoid characters like exclamation marks and underscores. And if you need to use a hyphen, don’t put it first or last.

Get more from your .com domain name

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Boost your brand with every email you send. Use your .com domain in your email address and give your customers the best first impression. And with the latest antivirus and anti-spam protection, you can sit back, relax, and focus on the important stuff.

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Website Builder

Creating an online store doesn’t have to be complex. Use our Ecommerce Website Builder to effortlessly design an impressive webstore fast. You’ll get lots of freebies too, like a domain for a year, an SSL certificate, and a professional email address.

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Have you considered something else?

Looking for a different extension? Want to register more domain names alongside your .com? Here are a few we think you might like.

.uk domains

Make yours a UK brand to remember.

1 year for

1 year for

£1 £1

then £11.99 per year

*Multi-year registrations only

Find a .uk
.co.uk domains

Be proud to be local with a UK domain.

1 year for

1 year for

£1 £1

then £11.99 per year

*Multi-year registrations only

Find a .co.uk
.co domains

Make your mark. With a .co, you’re in good company.

1 year for

1 year for


then £29.99 per year

*Multi-year registrations only

Find a .co
.net domains

Get your business on the .net.

1 year for

1 year for


then £15.99 per year

*Multi-year registrations only

find a .net

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