When you buy a domain name with any provider your details are automatically added to the WHOIS database. This can lead to targeted fraudulent activity or increased spamming.

We strongly recommend that you protect the details associated with all of your domains. Fasthosts Domain Privacy replaces your personal contact details with our own contact details, so you won’t receive unsolicited communications from third parties.

You can purchase Domain Privacy for the special offer price of £2.99£3.59 for the first year (usually £5.99£7.19pa). Add it to your basket at checkout, or from your control panel.

Available to all

For .uk domain names private individuals can opt-out of the public WHOIS database for free. Businesses can hide their details from the database by purchasing Domain Privacy.

Protect your identity

A WHOIS opt-out only masks registrant address, not registrant name. Domain Privacy masks ALL registrant details.

Fasthosts is now offering a new Domain Privacy service for new and existing .uk domains. Either visit your Fasthosts Control Panel and simply add the service, or add Domain Privacy when you buy new domain names.

Domain Privacy service now available on .uk domains

All prices excludeinclude VAT, charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence.

Terms and conditions apply

Protect your domain details

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