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Ever wanted to know how much your favourite websites are worth? Well, now you can! We looked at the world’s most popular domain names and worked out the richest by using estimations of their daily, monthly, and annual revenue. The results might just surprise you…

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Google plus Youtube

Of course, YouTube and Google dominate the list in joint first place, worth over a staggering

$102 billion.

In second place is Chinese online retailer TMALL, worth an impressive $59.3 billion, despite being an almost 50% drop on worth from the top two.

$59.3 billion

The tech sector has dominated the richest domains list, with over 50 websites featuring: including Facebook, Baidu, Weibo and Reddit.

The ecommerce and news sectors have also fared well with 21 and 15 domains respectively on the list. Chinese ecommerce companies Taobao and JD both made the top 10, as did news and media domains QQ and Sohu.


Perhaps surprisingly, Amazon missed out on a top 10 position, with its wealth of $4.78 billion placing it 11th.

indeed, shutterstock, espn

In contrast, photography, jobs and sport sites have the fewest appearances. US stock photography site Shutterstock comes in 85th place, worth an estimated $946 million. Meanwhile is the only jobs site to feature on the list, in 86th position; and is the only sport domain, in at 92nd.


The travel sites that made the list of richest domains are Tianya, a Chinese internet forum, worth $3.25 billion, coming in 35th place, and, coming in 92nd, with an estimated value of $922,000,000.

netflix, zoom

Other notable companies that have made the list include Netflix (15th) and Zoom (16th), both of which have seen huge successes over the world since lockdown.

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