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The new .uk domain is here - order it right now from UK-based Fasthosts.

You'll be giving your business the clearest possible UK identity: this is one of the most important domain opportunities ever.

  • Tell customers you're in the UK
  • Target everyone who wants to buy British
  • Enhance and protect your brand name
  • Get a short address that people will remember

Do you already own a

If so the equivalent .uk domain is reserved for you a period of time. Enter your current domain name in the search box and then click check now, to order your reserved .uk domain name.

If you already own a,,, or then the .uk equivalent of this domain will be reserved for you to register for a period of five years. If two or more people have the equivalent or,, or, then the owner will get the rights to the .uk domain.

.uk domain registrations

£1.00 for the first year of registration (available for 1 – 10 years)

Subsequent years and renewals are charged at 6.99pa£8.39pa.

Terms and Conditions apply

All prices exclude VAT, charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence.