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We’re proud to offer 24/7 expert support to all of our customers. No matter when or where you’re working, you can call us with any questions or for technical help.

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Keep your .blog domain safe in our UK data centres, featuring the latest encryption and data protection technology. We keep millions of domains running smoothly.

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Losing track of emails? Take advantage of unlimited email forwarding addresses, like help@ and sales@, to divert emails and make sure they get to the right place.

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If you already own a .blog domain, you can transfer your domain name to us for free! Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to our amazing domain hosting services!

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Need support for unlimited subdomains? You can take full control of your Domain Name System (DNS) through our intuitive Control Panel. The power’s in your hands!

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Get global customers to your site faster, with free Anycast DNS. Plus, Anycast DNS will reduce latency, improve uptime and increase security for your .blog domain.

What can a .blog domain do for you?

Love sharing your thoughts online? Want to establish your business as a thought leader in your industry? Maybe it’s time to start a blog hosted on a dedicated .blog domain.

Get bloggy with it

The sky’s the limit when it comes to a .blog domain extension. Anyone can use the .blog domain, but it’s particularly popular among writers, media outlets, non-profit organisations and events pages.

Connect with your audience

Its association with chatty blogs means the .blog domain can give your brand a more personable vibe. If this is the sort of thing your audience is after, using a .blog domain for your website is a great way to connect.

Rise above the noise

Having a unique domain extension can help you stand out from the crowd. .blog is short and less common than other popular domain extensions, so you’re more likely to attract your target audience.

Improve your reputation

Already got a main business website? Why not create a separate .blog domain to share more content with your audience and boost your brand reputation? Having an additional .blog domain can increase your search engine rankings.

How to choose a .blog domain name

Struggling to decide on the best .blog domain name? We’ve got some top tips for you...

Size does matter

When it comes to domain names, shorter is better. A long, complex name will be much harder for your customers to remember and spell correctly, so keep it short and simple.

Steer clear of numbers

Using numbers in your domain name can be confusing. But if you need to use one, consider registering a domain for each format to make sure all customers get to the right place.

Keep it simple

Your .blog domain name is the first thing people see when they find your site, so keep it short, sweet, and easy to type in a rush. After all, you want them to come back.

Avoid special characters

You can’t use special characters like exclamation marks and underscores in your .blog domain name. You can use a hyphen, but make sure you don’t put it first or last.

Get more from your .blog domain name

A .blog domain can make your website seem more friendly and casual – perfect for creative writers and journalists, or businesses that want to build a more personal connection.

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WordPress Hosting makes it easy to build and manage your site. Plus, use your .blog domain to build brand recognition. We’ve also got built-in security, performance upgrades, and automatic backups and a free SSL certificate and email hosting!

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