Standard email

Entry level email suitable for anyone looking to upgrade from free webmail to personalised email.

Ideal for desk based users
Ideal for small email volumes
Support a wide range of clients through IMAP and POP
Ideal for website integration

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Standard Email from£0.99pm £1.19pm
Mail lite Mail extra
Microsoft Exchange 2013 from£4.99pm £5.99pm
Mailboxes 5 2 1
Storage 100MB 2GB 25GB or 50GB
Max message size (incoming)
Max message size (incoming) 10MB 15MB 50MB
Max message size (outgoing)
Max message size (outgoing) 10MB 15MB 50MB
Inbox rules
Inbox rules
Auto responders
Auto responders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Catch-all email
Catch-all email Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Buy extra mailboxes
Buy extra mailboxes
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3 month special offer£0.99pm £1.19pm
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from£4.99pm £5.99pm

Website integration

The package includes two mailboxes with 2 Gigabytes of storage and five smaller with 100 Megabytes. In addition, these email boxes are also useful for website integration i.e. as a repository for contact us and other online forms.

Business grade email

The Fasthosts Standard Email solution is business grade, and suits workers who are mainly desk based - people handling relatively small email volumes, with no need for central storage or the flexibility offered by Fasthosts Hosted Exchange, IMAP or POP email protocols cater for virtually every device.


Through the widely supported IMAP and POP email protocols, standard email will work with virtually every device but will not give the level of seamlessness as offered by hosted exchange.

If you are using multiple devices and have a lot of customer interaction and require seamless access from any of your devices, anywhere and at any time, Microsoft Exchange may be more suitable for you.

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