Reselling Domain names

last revised 04 August, 2021

Fasthosts Internet Limited is a UK Registrar, an accredited member of the .UK Registry Nominet UK and a reseller on behalf of OpenSRS/Tucows.

We allow our account holders to register domain names on behalf of their customers (the Registrant). However, we have a duty to ensure that all customers using our services comply with the UK Registrar agreement (to which we are bound as a UK Registrar) and the other Registration Agreements to which all our customers are bound.

Important: You must provide all terms contained within the following two agreements to all of your customers whose domain names you register on their behalf. We may, at any time, require confirmation from you that your customers agree to these terms. Fasthosts may require you to provide proof of this confirmation at any time.

Note: Upon registering a domain name for a customer, you agree to and abide by the following key terms:

  1. Your support contact details, opening hours, and service level agreements must be clearly displayed for your customers. You must respond to your customers within a reasonable time frame;
  2. Your registration and renewal charges must be made available to your customers at the sign-up stage;
  3. Your process for notifying your customers regarding expired and expiring domain name registrations must be made available upon sign-up;
  4. Your charges for domain name related services must be made available upon sign up;
  5. Your charges for transferring domain names to a new supplier (i.e. outside of Fasthosts), and/or for cancellation/termination of contract, must be made available upon sign-up;
  6. Your customer; the owner of the domain, must be set as the Registrant of the domain registration unless you have written permission or a signed agreement with your customer confirming they will not be the stated Registrant;
  7. Registrant details must be kept up to date and accurate. When you are notified of any changes to the Registrant details by your customer, they must be updated by you on the domain record;
  8. You must provide a copy of the contractual agreement between yourself and your customer if you receive a request from Fasthosts for this information.
  9. If at any time we are contacted by any of your customers who are unable to contact you and you are a business, we will provide them with your current business contact details. If you are not a business, we will attempt to make reasonable contact with you on your customer’s behalf without disclosing your contact details. If contact cannot be made then we may direct the registrant to our Domain Release Process;
  10. You must keep your account details up to date and accurate at all times. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended under our ‘Acceptable Use Policy’.
  11. You shall not provide your main Fasthosts Control Panel login details to anyone. There is an option available to you to create additional logins if required -
  12. If you have ceased or intend to cease trading, you must contact us to make the necessary arrangements to cater for your existing customers; Fasthosts considers that any non-compliance with these terms by you as a breach of your agreement with us and reserves the right to take appropriate action, which may include closure of your account.