Cloud is fast becoming the new normal. According to recent research by the Cloud Industry Forum, 69 percent of UK businesses are already using cloud services. The benefits are clear: cloud computing can help save on costs and increase efficiency, while providing the flexibility to cope with demand as it fluctuates. However, despite the established value of the cloud, security and privacy concerns are holding many back from adopting further cloud services.

A company’s data is one of its most valuable assets, so cloud providers need to provide the required protection to reassure customers that their data is in safe hands. We understand that when you entrust your data to Fasthosts, you’ll have questions. Where is your data stored and who can access it? What is Fasthosts doing to protect it?

A recent VMware survey revealed that two-thirds of IT decision makers are uncertain about where their data actually lives. However, for UK businesses, knowing the location of your data is now more important than ever. With the new EU data protection regulation planned to come into effect in May 2017, and a potential ‘Brexit’, firms need to be focusing their attention on the location of their data and how all these changes could affect data protection rules regarding data sovereignty. With Fasthosts servers, we’ve designed security from the ground up. You can choose from one of multiple European data centre locations, including the UK, where your data is securely stored and isolated from other customers.

Risk of a security breach is still one of the main factors limiting UK businesses from increasing their use of the cloud. However, in practice, cloud servers are usually far more secure and reliable than the average local IT solution. Our new CloudNX platform is fully penetration tested to ensure the complete security of all associated systems. Additionally, customers can try out applications with confidence and capture full server backup clones, or create snapshots for change testing in just a few clicks. And if you do experience any issues, you’ll always receive 24/7 UK support as standard, whichever data centre location you choose.

Safeguarding data in business is no longer an exclusive concern of large corporations. It’s fast become a regular consideration for small businesses wishing to maintain trust, protect their customers’ data and, most importantly, keep their company afloat. At Fasthosts, we provide a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure, so our customers can be confident that their most valuable assets are in good hands.

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