The cloud industry has seen a lot of recent discussion on the subject of ‘inhibitors’ – or the reasons organisations point to when explaining why they’ve yet to move their applications to the cloud. These include a broad range of factors such as security, integration and migration, technical expertise, budgetary concerns, performance and legal issues. But how high do these perceived barriers actually stack up? When examining the main inhibitors in detail, potential users might be surprised to learn just how viable a platform like CloudNX can be.

Cloud Security

When the Cloud Industry Forum recently polled 250 UK organisations on their reasons for not moving certain applications to the cloud, two thirds of them cited security as a primary concern. A survey released this month by B2B research and review site Clutch also revealed that small and medium-sized businesses rank security above everything else when choosing a cloud provider.

Of course, security is crucial, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there are no security risks inherent to the cloud. Advancements in virtualisation have made cloud platforms just as secure and reliable as traditional web hosting and dedicated servers, and in many ways safer than on-site IT solutions. It’s also worth pointing out that the vast majority (98%) of the organisations polled by CIF had never experienced any kind of security breach while using cloud services.

Our CloudNX platform offers all-inclusive secure technology, with private networks, firewalls and VPN features, plus the reliability of our UK and international data centres.

Migration to the cloud

Some organisations are hesitant to make the step to the cloud due to worries over legacy systems and the migration of data. Integrating your existing applications and moving your infrastructure is a major undertaking, but with clear planning you can ensure it runs smoothly. As we highlighted in a previous blog article, there are steps you can take to minimise any risk to critical data and applications, such as migrating in stages and thoroughly testing your cloud infrastructure in advance.

In addition to CloudNX, we offer a bespoke server management option, with our Professional Services team ready to help with cloud migration and other one-off projects.


Another obstacle to cloud adoption is the perception of many organisations that they lack the necessary skills to manage cloud servers. While it’s true that managing a cloud infrastructure does require some knowledge of server administration, the latest cloud solutions come with easy-to-use control panels that greatly simplify routine tasks. As long as you can count on a basic level of server expertise within your organisation, everyday operation shouldn’t present any serious issues. CloudNX offers an intuitive user interface with the powerful Cloud Panel that gives you all the control you need, all in one place. If you ever require extra help, Fasthosts also provides 24/7 phone support from experienced, UK-based server specialists.


Even with cloud computing promising all kinds of cost savings, some organisations are still under the impression that they lack the budget to move more of their applications to a cloud platform. But the ever-increasing flexibility and on-demand nature of the cloud means that cost, including any initial investment, really shouldn’t be considered a barrier to entry. Pay-as-you-use pricing is a key feature of CloudNX, with flexible plans that allow you to allocate and pay for resources as and when they’re needed, down to individual minutes. There are no upfront costs or contracts, and ongoing cost estimates ensure you can always stay on top of expenses.


Some users still believe that cloud servers can’t offer the same high-performance as a dedicated box. However, virtual machines can easily be allocated with large quotas of RAM and processors that aren’t shared with other customers, delivering top performance to cope with high numbers of website visitors. With CloudNX, not only can you create powerful virtual machines with dedicated resources, you can also take advantage of enterprise features such as load balancing, fast SSD storage and more.

Legal concerns present a more serious cloud inhibitor. Data protection rules can be difficult to keep up with, so many organisations are unsure if the cloud offers a safe and compliant space for sensitive information. Every business has different legal requirements that need to be met, and future uncertainty over data sovereignty won’t be going away any time soon. That said, a platform like CloudNX offers a highly secure infrastructure that gives you everything you need to maintain the level of data protection you require.

It’s generally a good idea to host within your country of residence, as this ensures maximum transparency and awareness in relation to the bodies that regulate your data. CloudNX always gives you the option to store data within the UK. Hopefully, all this has provided reassurance and helped break through some of the perceived roadblocks between your organisation and the cloud. Visit our CloudNX pages for more details on what the platform has to offer.