One of the main advantages the modern cloud server has over a traditional in-house server solution is speed – from server creation, to data migration, to resource management. In a fast-paced business world it’s imperative to be efficient with time, because inevitably time costs money.

Spinning up a machine

With an in-house server, the original resource allocation can take hours. The data centre operative has to manually configure the server box with the required amount of CPU, RAM and SSD storage, and then put the box back into the server rack.

However with a Fasthosts cloud server, after you’ve chosen your resources, your virtual machine can be online in as little as 55 seconds. So, if you went to make a cup of tea whilst waiting for your cloud server to spin up, it would be ready before the kettle had even boiled.

Changing resources

In particularly busy periods, such as the holiday season, it’s possible and probable that website traffic is going to fluctuate wildly. For example, in the B2C sector, ecommerce websites for fashion retailers and consumer goods will see a huge increase in traffic from Christmas shoppers, whereas in the B2B sector, business financial services websites could see a drop in traffic over the holiday period. In these times it’s important to be able to dynamically change the resources allocated to your server – either scaling up to cope with the increased demand, or scaling down to ensure that you’re not paying for more than you need.

In the event that you want to change the resources allocated to your server, the process is similar to the original setup, and, again, much quicker with a cloud server. To change the resources of an in-house server, you’d have to wait for your data centre to have a scheduled server maintenance window, and then wait another few hours for the change to be completed. With a cloud server resources can be scaled up with just a few clicks, and it’s as quick as setting it up in the first place.

Quick and easy management

This quick setup and quickly changeable resources are only really helpful if you know what you need, and if you have the skillset to configure a server yourself. If they don’t have someone in-house who knows how to manage and configure a server, then often companies will outsource it, but that comes with a cost.

However, many providers offer solutions that remove this layer of server management. For example, Managed Stacks on Fasthosts CloudNX takes away a lot of the time and effort needed to run a server. We manage the infrastructure, operating system and software updates so you don’t have to. This means managing your server is quicker and easier.

Apps already installed

If you want to set up a WordPress website, for example, cloud server solutions can make this quick and easy too. With CloudNX Managed Applications, you just have to select the software you want to run (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) and the application will already be installed on your server, so you don’t have to commit the time of effort in installing them yourself.

Visit the Fasthosts website for more information on how you can make the most out of your cloud server.