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Jump into your code with the groundwork already laid. We take care of the OS and software updates, and give you all the tools you need.

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Get £100 starting credit

Spin up a server today and we'll automatically credit your first two months' invoices with up to £100.



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Launch your project in under a minute

Create the stack you need, whenever you need it, with the ability to spin up and scale new projects at any time. With no contract, there's nothing to stop you getting started right now.

24/7 Support

24/7 UK support

Our team of experienced customer support agents are ready and available to take your support queries 24/7 by phone, email or live chat.

UK data centres

Unlimited bandwidth

You'll always receive the same levels of performance, and won't be charged any extra for high visitor numbers.

UK data centres

UK data centres

Our state-of-the-art UK data centres are ISO 27001 certified and protected by all the latest security features.

Scalable on demand

99.999% uptime guarantee

If you experience any network downtime, we guarantee to pay you back for lost time.

Cloud Servers

Dynamic resource allocation

You have the power to ensure your sites run flawlessly. Configure your CPUs, RAM and SSD storage, and they’ll be allocated automatically to cope with peaks in traffic. You can also assign custom performance levels to individual projects in the CloudNX control panel.

Cloud Servers

Just bring the code

Skip the admin and go straight to coding. Just select your web services (e.g. Apache, MySQL and PHP) to create your custom stack. Because we take care of the OS and software patches, all you need to manage is the DNS, your files, and the code you know and love.

Cloud Servers

Dedicated runtime environment

Unlike some hosting solutions, managed stacks on CloudNX can guarantee no contention. Everything you configure in your stack – web server, database, processors, RAM and storage – it’s all dedicated to you. This ensures no performance impact from other users.

Cloud Servers

Always up to date and always secure

Fasthosts provides the operating system for your stack, and takes care of the software updates whenever necessary. This helps you ensure your projects are always running on the latest versions, minimising the risk of security issues. The whole platform is also built on the latest secure architecture.

Cloud Servers

Choose your custom stack

In just a couple of clicks you can spin up a server with your favourite software stack. Run either Apache, NGINX or Phusion Passenger as your web server, with a MariaDB or MySQL database and the scripting language of your choice.

Cloud Servers

Powered by containers

Traditional servers are limited by regular updates and rebuilds – and the downtime that comes with them. But CloudNX stacks are based on containers that automatically scale and self-heal with no single point of failure. If anything needs to be patched or rebuilt, your projects are consistently maintained online.

Try our cloud control panel now

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure from a single intuitive control panel. Create the managed stack or app you need, whenever you need it, with the ability to deploy and scale your virtual machines at any time. With no contract, there's nothing to stop you getting started right now.

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Your favourite apps with the power of cloud hosting

We make the world's most popular content management systems even better by running them on optimised platforms, with automatic security updates and software patches.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Build your customisable WordPress site or blog with the power of a fully managed cloud platform.

Run multiple WordPress sites from the same server. Ideal for agencies with multiple WordPress projects.


Create high-performance Drupal web projects, while we manage the cloud infrastructure for you.

Set custom allocations of resources for each of your Drupal projects running on the same server.


Develop and maintain advanced Joomla websites, with powerful cloud hosting managed by us.

Scale your CPU, RAM and SSD resources to give each of your Joomla sites the perfect performance levels.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Choose your custom configuration of CPU, RAM and storage to build flexible, scalable cloud servers that work for you.



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inc. 20% VAT

Bare Metal

Bare Metal Servers

Top levels of performance from single-tenant hardware with powerful, dedicated resources, and a flexible pay-by-the-hour billing model.



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excl. 20% VAT

inc. 20% VAT


Frequently asked questions

Questions about Apps and Stacks? Our FAQs provide answers to the most common queries. You can also contact our expert support team at any time.

What is a software stack?

A web service stack or LAMP stack is a bundle of software containing all the components required to create, manage and maintain dynamic websites or web applications. Software components include an operating system, web server, database and programming language. The LAMP acronym refers to the popular combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, but this is just one of the many possible configurations.

How are stacks managed by Fasthosts?

When you deploy a Managed Stack on CloudNX, the server infrastructure is handled for you. This means you don’t need to spin up virtual machines or install operating systems yourself. We take care of the OS and provide automatic software updates wherever necessary. All you need to deal with is your web server, script language and database.

How much control do I have over my Apps & Stacks?

You have full control over your web server, script language and database. This includes the freedom to manage files via SFTP, install and update applications (e.g. WordPress), manage databases and manipulate source code, and the ability to manage DNS yourself.

What web servers, scripting languages, and databases can I use on my stacks?

CloudNX currently offers the Apache, NGINX and Passenger web servers alongside Node.js, Perl, PHP or Python as your script language. Please note that certain script languages require specific web servers to run, e.g. PHP requires Apache or NGINX and Python requires Passenger. You also have the choice of either a MySQL or MariaDB database.

What pre-installed Applications are available on CloudNX?

CloudNX currently offers pre-installed Applications for the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management systems, as well as Magento or Shopware ecommerce solutions. These apps are provided as up-to-date, stable and fully-featured versions.

What's the difference between cloud servers and Apps & Stacks?

Cloud Servers are complete sets of hardware and software resources controlled by single operating systems. ‘Root access’ means the user has the ability to make changes to any file on the server and install server-wide applications. Root access is often preferred by users who need a high level of customisation and control of their hosting environment, but is not required for many applications.

Managed Stacks are not single servers, but bundles of software that exist across a cluster of servers. Each stack shares an operating system but has its own dedicated software and hardware resources. While a stack doesn’t give the user root server access, it does provide a server-like experience, including SFTP, SSH and associated benefits. Because the stack is managed, the user doesn’t need to perform the admin tasks required on a cloud server, such as software updates.

Should I move from shared hosting to Apps & Stacks?

If your website or application is demanding in terms of server resources and visitor numbers, you may find that shared hosting is unable to deliver the performance you need. This is where managed stacks can provide real benefits for power users, with dedicated resources that can be scaled up or down on demand, and no contention from other users.

For example, an online shop with high numbers of transactions, or an agency that needs to ensure consistently high performance for all client websites – these are both cases where the user requires more power than shared hosting can offer, but doesn’t necessarily want to deal with the admin that comes with cloud servers.

How do I create CloudNX Stacks & Apps?

You can deploy new Stacks & Apps at any time via the Fasthosts CloudNX control panel. First you need to create a Project Server – this is not a single physical server or virtual machine, but a collection of server resources for your projects. Just select a configuration of CPUs, RAM and SSD storage space. You can also choose the data centre (UK, US, Spain or Germany) where your project will be hosted.

You can then launch Stacks & Apps by creating a new project. Simply choose your stack, including web server, script language and database, or Application, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, then select a Project Server to provide the dedicated resources for your stack. Each Project Server can hold as many projects as the configured resources allow.

Can I change the amount of CPUs, RAM and storage?

You can upgrade your Project Server with CPUs, RAM and SSD storage at any time. The stacks on that Project Server will then have access to the additional resources. Resources can also be scaled down as far as the minimum CPUs, RAM and storage required for your stacks to run.

This gives you the flexibility to increase resources to cope with seasonal demand or traffic spikes, or scale back when things are quieter. As with all CloudNX services, you only pay for the resources you configure, with billing down to individual minutes and complete transparency of all costs.

How do I know whether a Stack or Application has enough resources?

CPUs, RAM and storage are allocated to your Managed Stacks from your Project Servers. Dynamic resource allocation automatically assigns each stack with available resources based on current performance demands. You also have the option to set minimum (the bare essentials to run) or custom (defined by the user) resource allocation on each project. This allows you to always ensure a fixed and reliable level of performance on all your Managed Stacks.

Can I run a different CMS on CloudNX?

Of course! Pre-installed apps are available for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, but you also have complete freedom to install any CMS application of your choice on a Managed Stack or Virtual Private Server.