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Dynamic resource allocation

You have the power to ensure your sites run flawlessly. Configure your CPUs, RAM and SSD storage, and they’ll be allocated automatically to cope with peaks in traffic. You can also assign custom performance levels to individual projects in the CloudNX control panel.










Just bring the code

Skip the admin and go straight to coding. Just select your web services (e.g. Apache, MySQL and PHP) to create your custom stack. Because we take care of the OS and software patches, all you need to manage is the DNS, your files, and the code you know and love.

Dedicated runtime environment

Unlike some hosting solutions, managed stacks on CloudNX can guarantee no contention. Everything you configure in your stack – web server, database, processors, RAM and storage – it’s all dedicated to you. This ensures no performance impact from other users.

Always up to date and always secure

Fasthosts provides the operating system for your stack, and takes care of the software updates whenever necessary. This helps you ensure your projects are always running on the latest versions, minimising the risk of security issues. The whole platform is also built on the latest secure architecture.

99.999% guaranteed uptime

If the node hosting your project fails for any reason, the containerised architecture automatically scales out to keep your stack online and fully operational. If your project is affected by any network downtime, we guarantee to pay you back for the lost period.

Powered by containers

Traditional servers are limited by regular updates and rebuilds – and the downtime that comes with them. But CloudNX stacks are based on containers that automatically scale and self-heal with no single point of failure. If anything needs to be patched or rebuilt, your projects are consistently maintained online.

Choose your custom stack

In just a couple of clicks you can spin up a server with your favourite software stack. Run either Apache, NGINX or Phusion Passenger as your web server, with a MariaDB or MySQL database and the scripting language of your choice.

Try our cloud control panel now

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure from a single intuitive control panel. Create the stack you need, whenever you need it, with the ability to spin up and scale new projects at any time. With no contract, there’s nothing to stop you getting started right now.


Launch a project in under a minute

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Build your customisable WordPress site or blog with the power of a fully managed cloud platform.

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Create High-performance Drupal web projects, while we manage the cloud infrastructure for you.

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Develop and maintain advanced Joomal websites, with powerful cloud hosting managed by us.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Servers

Single-tenant hardware with resources dedicated to you alone, but with a flexible pay-as-you-use billing model.

from £60 / month
from £72 / month
Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Take full control of your cloud servers, with high-performance virtual machines that scale on demand.

from £5 / month
from £6 / month

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