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What language do you code in? For developers, this is among the weightiest questions anyone can ask. Whether you’re building dynamic websites with PHP or programming JavaScript with Node.js, use the latest version of your preferred language as part of a fully managed CloudNX stack.

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An incredibly popular server-side scripting language, PHP is the driving force behind millions of websites. PHP enables dynamic web content and is a must for developers working with WordPress. Choose your version of PHP when you deploy your stack.

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With around 30 years of development, Perl is established as one of the most capable scripts around. This general-purpose language has a wide variety of uses, from system administration to GUIs. Launching a Perl-based stack is simple on CloudNX.

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Node.js is a runtime system for executing server-side JavaScript. An asynchronous and event-driven platform, Node.js is great for I/O bound and data streaming applications. Launch a stack with your preferred version of Node.js via the Cloud Panel.

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Python is a powerful language with an extensive range of modules. Developers favour it for its rapid development potential and its ability to 'glue' components together. Start your Python project easily on a custom stack.

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Root Servers

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Get the most out of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with ready-to-use CMS apps on next-gen cloud hosting.

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