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Single server

The entire environment resides on a single server. For a typical web application, that would include a web server and database server. A common variation of this setup is a LAMP stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, on a single server.

CloudNX guides:

Web server with separate database server

Separating the database to a separate server enables better management of performance and scalability of your web application. Provide increased security by keeping database away from front end applications – if your web server is attacked, your customers’ data has an extra layer of protection.

CloudNX guides:

Load balanced web applications

Ideal for busy websites, the load balancer shares the load across two or more application servers. Shared storage enables application files to be managed from a single place.

CloudNX guides:

Large scale, resilient cloud solutions

Flexible arrangements with secure backend access and no SPOFs. Scale to meet the demands of your busiest web applications and cloud solutions.

Fully customisable

Your needs come first – CloudNX gives you total control, so you can create the setup you need, with 1 to 99 virtual machines running your chosen applications. Management is easy, with your CloudNX control panel giving you immediate and mobile-friendly access. Or we can do all the hard work for you: just contact our expert team to create the multi-server setup you require.

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