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Leading technology

The Fasthosts cloud platform is built using leading, high performance technology. It uses HP Servers running VMware’s vSphere ESXi virtualisation solution, and your server has 100% SSD storage, within SolidFire Storage Arrays. Load Balancing is via F5 Big-IP Load Balancers.

Clone and backup control

Developers get all of the power needed to test, duplicate, scale and restore:


Launch website changes or software updates without the stress. Create snapshots of your virtual machines going back up to 3 days and restore them at any time, or partially merge them with current changes.


Easily copy your virtual machines and stored data, with daily or weekly schedules that let you keep up to 50 copies at any time. You can then restore any image to a new VM whenever you want.


Scaling your service is easy with cloning. Make identical copies of a virtual machine with just one click, then duplicate that exact configuration in any of our four data centre locations across the globe.

All-inclusive security

Create custom firewall policies and assign them to one or more servers. Private networks (VLAN) allow multiple virtual machines to communicate on a network without public internet access.

Plesk Onyx and cPanel

Great for designers and developers, these control panels allow you to host multiple sites and easily manage the various aspects of website and server administration. Plesk Onyx offers new features including support for Ruby on Rails, Git and Docker, plus a flexible and easy-to-use system update tool, improved SSL management, multi-server support and more. Licences for cPanel, Plesk Onyx and Plesk 12.5 (with unlimited domains) can be added to your server in the Cloud Panel.


Nagios-based monitoring is integrated into Cloud Panel, giving you control over system resources, network traffic and even individual ports. Clear graphical representation of server performance data is provided to quantify the impact of traffic spikes, avert slowdowns and identify when upgrades are needed.

Flexible storage

All CloudNX servers feature fast SSD storage that enhances read-write speeds, boosting page load times and your performance in search engine results. Create virtual machines with 500 GB of local storage space, then boost that by attaching up to 10 additional drives, or create up to 2TB of SATA shared storage to connect multiple servers to the same shared data.

Operating systems and databases

All Fasthosts Cloud Servers come with a choice of Windows Server 2008 or 2012 R2, CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 or Debian 7. Choose the preferred operating system for your business without losing any of our industry-leading features. You can then rapidly launch web pages and build reliable line-of-business applications with our range of SQL Server license software, including Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016 in Express, Web and Standard editions, as well as MySQL 5.

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