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Why move to managed cloud hosting?

Shared hosting can be ideal for less intensive projects, but it has its limits. Cloud hosting offers a real step up for power users, agencies and high-traffic applications like ecommerce, where scalability and dedicated resources make a massive difference.

High performance for critical applications

Is your current hosting cracking under pressure? It’s not unusual for demanding applications to bump up against the limitations of a shared platform. Unlock the performance to deal with very high visitor numbers and intensive ecommerce transactions.

No contention

Normal web hosting shares processing power between multiple users. This means top performance isn’t always guaranteed, especially if other customers get a spike in traffic. On CloudNX, your CPUs, RAM and SSD storage are all dedicated to you alone.

Streamline your projects

Manage performance and prioritise more efficiently with dynamic resource allocation. Your CPUs, RAM and storage are automatically assigned according to the demands of each stack. Alternatively, you can set custom levels of resource allocation for individual projects.

Auto-scaling, self-healing

CloudNX stacks are built on containers that automatically spin up to spread the load, with no single point of failure. This means higher availability for your projects and rapid failover if anything goes wrong.

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Root Servers

Take full control of your cloud servers, with high-performance virtual machines that scale on demand.

from £5.00/pm
from £6.00/pm
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Get the most out of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with ready-to-use CMS apps on next-gen cloud hosting.

from £20.00/pm
from £24.00/pm

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