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Server management made easy

Plesk Onyx

Easily manage your websites, email and applications with Plesk Onyx

By selecting a Plesk Onyx control panel, you can make every aspect of server management easier. Alongside brand new features, Plesk Onyx provides a user-friendly interface that takes care of repetitive admin tasks. This leaves you free to spend more time on your business, while staying fully in control of all server functions.

Simple setup

Plesk Onyx offers a streamlined user experience, enabling the quick setup and maintenance of websites, email and applications. It’s simple for inexperienced users and experts alike, with instant access to a full range of parameters such as visitor traffic, disk space and data transferred. New tools also let you manage system updates and multiple servers more effectively. Simply add Plesk Onyx (or Plesk 12.5) when you create a new server in your Cloud Panel to get started.

Enhanced security

Harden your server with improved Plesk Onyx security features. SSL management helps you guard against threats, while Domain Name System Security Extensions allow you to protect DNS data. Advanced controls, reporting and alerts prevent your server becoming a spam source, and Fail2ban integration enables you to detect common server attacks and ban malicious users. Further protection is provided by the integrated ModSecurity firewall.

Ideal for WordPress

Plesk Onyx includes WordPress Toolkit, a powerful feature that lets you mass-manage all your WordPress instances, plugins and themes. Whenever a user installs WordPress, Plesk Onyx runs a security scan, and you can secure any WordPress installation using one-click ‘hardening’. Decide which plugins and themes you want to install, remove, activate, deactivate or upgrade – including global installation upgrades.

Supporting developers

With support for Git, Docker, Ruby on Rails and all major programming languages, Plesk Onyx gives developers a perfect, ready-to-code environment. Using SDK access, users can create new functionality within Plesk Onyx itself, interacting with all programming interfaces directly through PHP bindings. Direct XML API access also enables you to tie Plesk Onyx to external systems like billing or domain registration.

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