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Why choose Fasthosts for your .zone domain?

24/7 expert support

Our support team is only a phone call away, 24/7, if you need any expert assistance or advice. Whenever you have a problem, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Security you can trust

Worried about data protection? Our state-of-the-art UK data centres keep millions of domains secure and running smoothly, with the latest security features and technology.

Email forwarding

With a .zone domain, you’ll get unlimited email forwarding addresses (like help@ and sales@) to divert emails to the right place. Never lose track of important emails again!

100% free transfers

Have you already got a .zone domain? Not a problem! You can transfer your domain name to Fasthosts for free! Yes, that’s right – no hidden costs!

Complete DNS control

Take full control of your DNS records via your control panel. Plus get support for DKIM/DMARC and unlimited subdomains, so you can expand and organise your website however you want.

Anycast DNS

Taking your .zone domain global? You can improve uptime and get international customers to your site faster than ever, with free Anycast DNS.

What can a .zone domain do for you?

Looking for a unique and memorable domain name that will foster a sense of community? .zone could be right up your street.

Something for everyone

Anyone can use a .zone domain, making it the perfect domain extension to bring like-minded people together, no matter what your website’s about. Whether it’s a sports club, tech company, or local weather station, give your .zone a home.

.zone in on like-minded people

Whether you’re into keyring collecting or basket weaving, create a .zone to share your passions and hobbies with the world. Declare your website as the ‘zone’ for an interest, you can build a hub that your target audience will be drawn to.

Out with the old and in with the .zone

.zone is a snappy and unique domain. So, if that popular .com or .co.uk domain name you desperately wanted has been taken, don’t panic! Try .zone instead. Memorable domains attract people’s attention, so rise above the noise.

Better availability

.zone has much better availability than domains like .com or .org. So you’re more likely to find the domain you want with a .zone extension. Plus you can easily add a .zone domain to your portfolio to strengthen your online presence and stop cybersquatting.

How to choose a .zone domain name

Struggling to decide on the best .zone domain name? We’ve got some top tips for you...

Avoid long domains

Your .zone domain name can be up to 63 characters, but we don’t suggest this. Shorter domains are easier to remember and harder to misspell.

No numbers

Numbers in your domain can be confusing. If you need a number, consider registering a domain for each format, spelt out or figures, to catch all variations.

Simple is best

Always keep your .zone domain name short, sweet, and easy to type in a rush. This will help your audience remember you and visit your site more frequently.

Avoid special characters

Don’t use special characters in your domain name, like exclamation marks or underscores. Hyphens are allowed, but you can’t put them first or last.

Get more from your .zone domain name

Share your passions with your online community with a .zone domain name. See what else you can use your .zone domain for.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting makes it easy to build and manage your site. Plus, use your .zone domain to build brand recognition. We’ve also got built-in security, performance upgrades, and automatic backups and a free SSL certificate and email hosting!

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Email Hosting

Boost your brand with every email you send. With Email Hosting, you can use your .zone domain in your email address and give customers the best first impression. Plus, we’ll keep your data safe with the latest antivirus and anti-spam protection.

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Web Hosting

Give your website the high-performance, super-fast hosting it deserves. With every package, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime and up to 500GB storage. And with up to 5 free domain names, you can spread the word and get noticed online!

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