Choose a web server for your managed stack

Your web server forms a vital layer in the stack, so select the right one for your projects on CloudNX. It’s as simple as choosing Apache, NGINX or Phusion Passenger when launching a new stack. We guarantee maximum security by ensuring that you’re always on the latest version.

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The tried and tested Apache software is the world’s favourite web server. Open-source, reliable and backed by a large community of developers, Apache is ideal for handling dynamic web content. Always get the latest version on CloudNX.

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Also open-source, NGINX has a unique architecture that delivers high performance, even under heavy load – perfect when you need to scale up during traffic spikes. Simply select the latest version of NGINX when configuring your CloudNX stack.

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Phusion Passenger

With Phusion Passenger, you get an open-source web app server that works alongside NGINX. Ideal for custom web apps, Passenger also supports Node.js and Python. On CloudNX we ensure your version is up to date and secure.

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Root Servers

Take full control of your cloud servers, with high-performance virtual machines that scale on demand.

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Get the most out of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with ready-to-use CMS apps on next-gen cloud hosting.

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