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Our Root Server Starter package is the perfect VPS solution

  • Spin up your VPS in as little as 55 seconds
  • Powerful, easy-to-use VPS control panel
  • Perfect for smaller WordPress sites
  • Offers the latest in virtualised technology
Starter Was £10.50 £12.60per month £5.00 pm£6.00 pm

Want the full package?

  • Upgrade to Root Servers from only £15.00 per month
  • Increased RAM and SSD storage
  • Extra performance to manage higher visitor numbers
  • Ideal for larger projects and ecommerce applications
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VPS hosting built on the latest technology

Your VPS can be deployed in as little as 55 seconds on our most advanced virtualised platform. Spin up your virtual private server on next-generation infrastructure and benefit from dedicated resources, enterprise features and superb value for money.

Virtual servers: perfect for WordPress sites

For WordPress blogs and websites, a virtual private server offers the ideal hosting solution. Even smaller WordPress sites can struggle to cope with high visitor numbers on shared hosting, but a VPS provides the dedicated resources to ensure smooth performance – and at an affordable price.

Powerful VPS hosting with dedicated resources

Your virtual server is dedicated to you, with CPU, RAM and fast SSD storage all devoted to your projects alone. This means no sharing with other users and no impact from ‘noisy neighbours’ taking up processing power. With a VPS, you can always rely on a guaranteed level.

No contract: upgrade your VPS any time

Get started with no upfront costs or contracts. Because your VPS is built on our latest virtualised platform, you can easily upgrade to a more powerful package later, with no need to migrate data across servers. If you want to start off smaller and expand as you go, a VPS is a great option.

VPS hosting with UK data centres and support

By hosting your VPS projects in our UK data centres, you can always rely on top levels of connectivity and security. Our UK-based technical support experts are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that any queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Everything on one easy-to-use VPS control panel

Access your VPS and all other virtualised services from a single intuitive control panel. With our responsive and mobile-ready console, you can control every aspect of your virtual private server and make use of a full range of enterprise-level VPS features.

Full root access on your Linux virtual server

You’re in total control of your VPS at every level, including your Linux operating system of choice. Make changes to any file and install server-wide applications – with full root access, your virtual private server can be customised any way you see fit.

99.999% guaranteed uptime on VPS hosting

The latest clustered architecture ensures that if the physical node hosting your virtual private server fails, the VPS is automatically moved to another node. If your virtual server experiences any network downtime, we also guarantee to pay you back for the affected period.

Secure VPS hosting for your online projects

In addition to extensive physical security at our data centres, your VPS is defended by state-of-the-art server security systems. Monitoring, firewall and VPN features are all available to safeguard your virtual server and protect your data.

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